Tulsa Garden Center Investigation (Feb 29 2012)

We had a remarkable experience investigating paranormal reportings at the Tulsa Garden Center.

We brought our normal investigation equipment, including our new DVR with 6 HD cameras (with IR source for dark enviornments), RT-EVP and audio recorders, iGEN Night Vision Cameras, Full Spectrum and IR movie Cameras, FLIR, Frank's Box, etc..

Janet, the curator of the Tulsa Garden Center, took the team for an extensive tour of the mansion and explained past occupants and some of the interesting paranormal incidence at the mansion. The last occupant was Mary who died at the age of 42 after a long illness, her wake was held in the Grand Ball Room at the mansion and appears to have never left. The following video is 10 minutes of a 1 hour and 40 minute paranormal session in which Mary communicates with team member Roger Peacock. Enjoy

Over 6 hours of DVR, EVP and other sensor data continues to be evaluated by the team.

Paranormal session with spirit Mary, conducted by Team member Roger Peacock   large file please wait for loading to complete

Oklahoma UFO Paranormal Team at Tulsa Garden Center

Inception Radio Network(IRN) Setting Up. L-R Marilyn, Michael, Julie, Chase, and Ken

Ball Room: This is the area where Mary's casket was during her wake.

Libary: This is the area seen in the movie where Roger and Mary were communicating. The bar actually pulls out and a hidden area is behind the picture.

Second floor Elevator: Several paranormal incidence have been reported in this area.

Attic: Servant quarters when the house was occupied.

Second Floor Hall: Currently Tulsa Garden Center offices