June 23, 2016 Lawton, OK. Sun Photo Investigation

The team was invited to review some photos that were taken of the sun. The photographer noticed some of the photos had unusual anomalies and requested the team review them and see if we might understand what they might be. We arranged a meeting with Debra at a neutral location. She had bright us over 100 developed photos and over 424 on a DVD.

Here is our report back to her:


First, we had never seen any photos taken directly of the sun without a sun filter. If I took these photos without a sun filter my Canon 50D it could cause damage to my camera, which says something for an Apple iPhone.

After analyzing 31 of your 424 photos on the disk that had something other than the sun and lens flares it appears that these anomalies could be beyond the cameras ability to process a clear photo when pointing at the high intensity light of the sun.

The EXIF digital data within these 31 original photos shows amazing exposure speeds of 1/40000th of a second. I doubt if that is correct but it shows the camera is maxed out trying to deal with the exposure to the extreme light. The f2.2 is a fixed aperture on this camera but is designed to have good focus in normal light levels including sunsets and sunrise photos, but at these exposure speeds that is questionable.  Having a focal length of 4.4mm and ISO of 32 (which is the lowest ISO level the camera is capable in its attempt to darken the photo) would again give a great photo in normal lighting up to and including sunsets and sunrise photos but is maxed out trying to compensate for the sun.

My best guess on the anomalies in the photos suggest objects between you and the sun. These could be birds, planes, UFOs or anything else that might be in the air. At these exposure speeds/ ISO and intensity of the sunlight the camera is maxed out and possibly more than maxed out. It is trying its best to process everything like it was designed to do but I believe it is unable to deal with the maximum exposure speeds. What really amazes me that the clouds are well defined yet the anomalies are not which might indicate they are a lot closer and thus out of focus.

Sorry, is all I can find out but your photos are remarkable and the first I have ever seen of direct shots at the sun unaided by filtering.

Thank you so much for sharing both your photos and your time. I plan on putting some of your photos and this report on our website and will send you the link when I get it done.

Dick and Marilyn