July 18, 2017 - UFO - Oklahoma City

July 18, we received a call from team member Ken that Chris called him about a UFO sighting he had June 6, 2017 in Oklahoma City. Marilyn contacted Chris and discussed his sighting. This is Chris's report that he e-mailed the team July 18, 2017 and later e-mailed a drawing of what he saw.

had dropped my wife off at the Penn Square Mall and went for coffee.


Coming out of the restaurant I saw a flying object that I have never seen before or since. 

I've hand sketched the best I could. I'm going to say that to the best of my recollection, this might have very well been behind the clouds perhaps 3 to 4K high and perhaps as far away as 7 -8 miles.. maybe. and as the horizon maybe about 10:00 view. This was a large craft. Perhaps 3 football field lengths. But as to actual distance, I don't really know and I don't really have an accurate measure of distance or size. Just guessing.C

Not all of this craft was clearly visible but the portion that was clearly visible was good and the part that was behind the clouds were partially visible enough to make out what appeared to be some type of fan system. That's all I know to call it such.


Find attached my drawing.