The Norwood, Missouri Cattle Mutilation .

I was living in Locust Grove, Oklahoma when on the night of February 5, 2009 a producer named Kevin Barry that I had worked with on some projects for T.V called. Kevin had called earlier in the week and asked if myself and my investigative partner Ken Storch would be interested in doing an episode for the History Channel for a show called UFO Hunters.

Ken and I said yes as long as the money was right. We agreed on a shooting fee and per diem. Kevin then asked us if we could leave for Norwood , Missouri on the morning of February 9th  to get there ahead of himself and the camera crew. Which would be arriving on February 10th  around ten in the morning from L.A. Kevin asked if we would go interview a rancher named Gayland Jones who has had 19 cattle mutilations since 1991. To see if these mutilations had a pattern to them, and to see how Gayland would be in front of the camera for interviewing on camera.

Ken and I told Kevin that we would leave for Norwood, Missouri on February 9th early in the morning. Missouri is just above and to the east of Oklahoma and it would take about four hours to get to Norwood, Missouri.

At 5:30 am on the morning of February 9th Ken and I departed for Missouri. We arrived in Missouri at 9:15 am. We went into a restaurant and ordered breakfast. When the waitress came to the table with our bill. I asked her what the population of Norwood was. She said about five hundred. I then asked her where the county Sheriff’s office was located. She said the Wright county Sheriff’s department was twenty miles back to the west.

We arrived at the Wright County Sheriff’s department at 10:30 am. A deputy directed us to the Sheriff Glen Adler’s office. Sheriff Adler responded to a cattle mutilation at the Jones ranch on August 4th , 2008.

This is a copy of the report we received from Sheriff Adler.


Both Ken and I interviewed and asked questions of Sheriff Adler about what he had seen and what Gayland Jones had told him when he arrived on scene at the Jones ranch. Then who or what had mutilated the Jones cow.

Ken and I both haveinterviewed numerous witnesses, suspects, and especially victims in our law enforcement capacities. It was clear to both Ken and I that Sheriff Adler had no clue or idea what had mutilated the Jones cow as we were interviewing him, and was just going through the steps to fill out the paperwork for the call to service report. At the end of our interview with Sheriff Adler, he stated to Ken and me that he had no idea who or how the Jones cow had been killed. And why they did the inhuman injuries to the cow that he took pictures of.

I asked Sheriff Adler if he had ever been on a mutilation case before August 4th 2008. He stated no this was his first one, but the Sheriff before him had been to the Jones ranch numerous times on other cattle mutilations. We concluded our interview with Sheriff Adler. But before we left he looked at us and asked, “Have you boys been on one of these cattle mutilations before.” I said yes too many. He then asked, “Do you think it is an occult that is doing this”? Ken said absolutely not. Adler then asked, “When you boys figure it out or find out who is doing this

kind of wasteful killing, could you give me a call.” I told him that he would be the first one we called.

Let me state right now for the people that will be reading this article that both Ken and I have been to areas that occult’s have had their pow-wows so to speak. (No, disrespect to The American Indian what so ever). The occults usually conduct their meetings or get together’s in remote areas of national forest land in Colorado where Ken and I were involved in law enforcement. They usually conduct their get together’s at night, but sometimes they are conducted during daylight hours also. What we have found on the sites that we have investigated there are burnt out candles all over the area. Then there is some sort of fire pit with large rocks around the fire pit. Also, we have found smaller rocks formed in the shape of stars. We have found sacrificed dogs and cats, rabbits. But nothing like the cattle mutilations, we have investigated. The cattle mutilations are surgical and specific organs are targeted and removed. There is no blood on the ground or footprints or tire tracks.

With occults, there are footprints all over the area cigarette butts; there is blood all over the ground where they have sacrificed an animal. There were the tire tracks from the occult member’s vehicles. So when Ken told Sheriff Adler that it was not an occult. Ken and I both know firsthand through are investigations that it was not an occult that was surgically removing only soft tissue from the cows.

Let me also state for this article that not only cows are being mutilated in the manner that Ken and I have investigated. There are three human mutilations cases that I know of.  One is documented and was professionally investigated by the authorities. It was a man in his thirty’s found on a small island in the middle of a lake in San Paolo, Brazil. Then a sixteen year old girl was found in Silver City, New Mexico. And the mutilation case that is very interesting is a Sargent in the Army at the White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico. This Sargent came up missing and was found on the missile range mutilated like the cows Ken and I have investigated. Two of the cases that I just wrote about can be found on the Internet.

When Ken and I got out to the truck, I said to Ken this Sheriff only sees a dead cow in a pasture and is not looking at the big picture. (Why was the cow killed?)

We arrived at the Gayland Jones ranch at 11:35 am. We knocked on the front door of the house and Gayland’s wife answered the door. Ken and I introduced ourselves and Gayland’s wife said that Kevin had called and told them that Ken and I would be arriving before the film crew to interview them.

I am leaving Gayland’s wife’s name out of this article because she asked Ken and I if we could refrain from using her name in anything that pertained to the show we were there to film. We asked her where Gayland was and she stated that Gayland was out tending to the herd. She told us we could go out to the pasture to locate Gayland, and asked us to make sure that we closed and secured every gate that we drove through so the cattle would not get out.

We went out to the pasture and were just about to go through are second gate when we saw a big Massey Ferguson tractor coming to the gate we were just about to go through. There was a man in coverall’s driving the tractor. The man opened the tractor door and asked if we would open the gate for him. Ken opened the gate and Gayland drove the tractor through. When the tractor came to a stop, the man opened the door and said you must be Bob and Ken. I said yes sir. He said I am Gayland Jones. When he came down off the tractor. We shook hands and Gayland said, “The (expletive) got me again.” I said, “Who got you.” He then pointed towards the very far pasture on his property. Then said see that dark spot on swale going up from the tree’s in the lower part of the pasture. I said let me get the binoculars out of the truck.

I retrieved the binoculars and focused them until I located the dark spot in the pasture, which as soon as I spotted it you could tell it was a dead cow with its hind leg sticking up in the air. I then handed the glasses to Ken. I then said to Gayland is the cow mutilated. Gayland said, “You bet, but not like some of the other mutes I have had.” Ken asked Gayland if we could go out and take a look at the scene and the cow. Gayland said sure but can I drive with you two in your truck, so I do not have to drive the tractor out there. I said sure but you will have to jump in the bed of the truck the inside of the truck is loaded with our equipment. Gayland said you got it and jumped in the bed of the truck.

When we drove up to about thirty yards from the dead cow I sad to Ken stop here we will walk up to the cow from here and try and not contaminate the crime scene too much.

Even thou I knew that the crime scene would be just like all the other ones we had investigated. No tire tracks, no footprints, no blood, no sign of a struggle from the cow on the ground while it was being mutilated. Ken and I both think the cow is alive when the mutilation is conducted and think the heart is the pump to extract all the blood from the body. When a person or animal is dead the heart, which is the pump that distributes all the blood throughout the body, stops pumping you stop bleeding. So our theory is the reason there is no blood in the carcass of the animal is who or whatever is mutilating these animals is using the heart as the pump to extract the blood until there is not enough blood left in the body to keep the heart pumping the blood throughout the body. The best way to describe this to a person is think of a piece of heavy equipment that use’s hydraulics to raise and lower the bucket of the machine or a backhoe, and it springs a leak in one of the hydraulic hose’s. The machine will continue to raise and lower the bucket until there is not enough hydraulic fluid running through the pump to operate the machine.

When we got up to the cow, Gayland said that the cow was a four-year-old heifer and she was pregnant and ready to have a calf. I asked Gayland to tell me exactly what he did when he arrived on scene to examine the dead cow, so I could distinguish which footprints were Gayland’s and where he had walked and did when he arrived at the dead cow. Gayland said there was one lone buzzard on the ground about twenty feet from the cow but would not go near the cow. When Gayland drove the tractor up to the cow, the buzzard flew off. When Gayland walked up to the cow he noticed the cow’s left eye was gone and the eye had blood pooled up in the empty eye socket. He then looked all over the cow to see if it was shot and to try to find some sort of obvious reason why this cow was dead. Gayland said he could find no reason why this cow had died.

Gayland said the cow was just fine the day before when he brought feed out to the herd. Gayland then stated he had taken the front of the cow’s leg to turn the cow over to see the other side of the cow for a wound. But found no obvious signs of trauma or a wound that would cause the cow’s death. Gayland said he was on his way in when he saw us at the gate and was headed up to the house to call the sheriff to report the dead cow. I said to Gayland that Ken and I just left the Sheriff’s office and had interviewed Sheriff Adler.

Gayland said on second thought maybe I will just drag this cow off to the boneyard after you people are done filming, and not call the Sheriff. I told Gayland, Sheriff Adler has no clue what he is looking at; all he sees is a dead cow with its death unknown.

I looked at the cow’s head where the eye had been removed, then looked at the blood on the ground where Gayland had tried to turn the cow over and the blood in the cow’s eye socket that had pooled fell onto the ground. I asked Gayland if he had looked into the cow’s mouth to see if the tongue had been cut out. Gayland said no he had not.

Ken said you guy’s see if the cow’s tongue is still in its mouth, and I am going to go get the metal detector out of the truck. Gayland said what are you going to do with a metal detector? I said Ken and I have a theory about how the cow is picked out of the herd. Gayland said what do you mean. I said why is it just one cow and how is that specific cow singled out of a herd. Ken and I feel that the cow is implanted with some sort of tagging device. Just like, you put a tag in a cow’s ear with a number on that tag, so you can log the birthing activity of that specific cow and the inoculations that you administer to it.

Gayland and I went and opened the cow’s mouth and the cow’s tongue was cut off and the piece that was left from where it was cut off at was a very precise cut. The tongue was cut at about a 30-degree angle from right to left looking directly at the cow’s head. This cut was done with a very, very sharp instrument or it was done with a laser scalpel. There was no blood in the cow’s mouth what so ever. What was in the cow’s mouth was the hay it had been eating before this mysterious crime was committed to it.

Ken was at the cow’s head with the metal detector and he started to wand the cow’s head. Gayland and I were still down at the cow’s head when all of a sudden the metal detector started chirping. I looked at Ken and he looked at me. Gayland said does that mean you have found something in the cow’s head? I said to Ken did you calibrate the detector? Ken said yes just before I put it in the traveling bag that it goes in.

Now the tag that Gayland put in the cow’s ear for documenting every procedure that is done to the cow was on the opposite side of the cow’s head to the ground. When the detector started chirping was when Ken was at the cow’s jowl or bottom of the jaw.

I said to Ken wand the cow again. When Ken put the wand to the cow this time at the jowl there was no chirping. He then started to move the wand towards the cow’s nose and midway between the jowl and the nose, the detector started chirping again. I stood up and pulled a nickel out of my pocket and threw it on the ground away from the cow. Then said to Ken we need to recalibrate the detector to make sure that it is working right. Ken put the wand over the nickel and it started chirping. Ken turned the digital readout screen towards me and it showed it was detecting nickel. I then took off my gold necklace and set that on the ground. Ken ran the wand over the chain and it started chirping. I looked at the readout screen and it said gold. I said well there is nothing wrong with the machine. I picked up my chain off the ground and put it back around my neck.

 I said to Ken when you first hit the cow with the wand what did the readout say the machine was detecting. Ken said unknown, but the detector only goes off when it is detecting a solid metal, so it hit on something that was a solid metal. I said hit the cow again. Ken walked over to the cow and put the wand by the cow’s ear. And sure as heck, the detector started chirping. Then all of a sudden, it stopped. Ken moved the wand a little bit farther down towards the nose and had moved it about six inches and the detector started chirping again. Ken looked at me and said it is evading the magnetic sonar of the wand. Then the detector stopped chirping. Ken moved the wand again and it started chirping again, and then stopped. I said chase it down to the nose of the cow and see if it will stay constant. Ken got a hit right at the nose, then it stopped. Ken then started to go back up towards the ear and got a hit. I said chase it back to the ear but do not put the wand on the ear, we need to make a phone call.

Gayland grabbed my arm and said “Bob I might be a cattle rancher but I feel I am an educated man. You mean to tell me that there is something in my cow that has intelligence and is evading the metal detector”? I said yes that is exactly what is happening whatever the metal detector is hitting on; the object is definitely trying to evade the magnetic sonar of the wand. I then said to Ken let me take some pictures of the cow and the surrounding area, than we need to

Go make some phone calls.

 I took all the pictures that I needed to take and we dropped Gayland back off at his tractor and told him that we would call him later, and that the film crew would be arriving sometime tomorrow morning to start filming. I also gave Gayland my room number and the phone number to the hotel. I told him that if something else occurred or if he remembered something to call my room and if I was not there to leave a message.

Ken and I then went to the nearest bar to have a drink and contemplate what had just occurred. When we arrived at a bar along the highway on the way to our hotel and went in. Ken said you first, because I do not believe that the detector found something in the cow’s head with evasive intelligence to avoid the magnetic sonar of the metal detector. I said that is exactly what just occurred. In every case, I have studied and read about mutes and everyone I have talked to about mutes. No one has ever used a metal detector to wand a cow and now we have detected something in a mutes head with intelligence.

We called the producer Kevin Barry and gave him an update on everything that had occurred. Kevin said that he was going to try to get this cameraman in Kansas City to drive to our location and do what is called in the business of filming B- roll with no audio which would be put in later. Because himself and the rest of the film crew from UFO Hunter’s would not be arriving until midday the next day.

Well Kevin could not get the cameraman from Kansas City because he was on another assignment. Kevin told us to relax at the hotel and do not go back to Gayland’s place until he called us when he arrived at the Springfield, Missouri airport.

We had talked with Kevin from Ken’s room. When I got back to my room the red light on my room phone was blinking. I picked up the phone and punched in the number to retrieve my messages. The message was from Gayland and he said, “The (expletive) came back and took two of the cow’s teats off of its udder.” I hung up the phone and called Gayland’s house. I got Gayland on the line and he said that he had gone out to check on the rest of the herd to make sure that they were alright. Because they were mighty jittery from seeing the dead cow lying there and would not go anywhere near the carcass. Gayland said when he got up to the dead cow he was staring at the cow and he realized that someone had come back and had cut two of the cow’s teats

 off of the cow’s udder. I asked Gayland if there were any footprints or tire tracks around the carcass. Gayland said none not even the claw prints or impression of a bird’s foot.

When Ken and I were at the carcass I walked fifty yards in a complete circle around the dead cow and there was not one footprint that was not accounted for between Ken, Gayland, and me. And there was not one tire track except for the tires of Gayland’s tractor and our truck that was parked thirty yards away from the dead cow.

I asked Gayland if he would give chain of custody to Ken and me of the dead cow to see if the History Channel (UFO Hunter’s) would be willing to absolve the cost of a necropsy on the dead cow to see what the cow died of. Gayland said sure all I am going to do with the carcass anyway is drag it to the bone pile. I asked Gayland if it would be alright if Ken and I came to his ranch early in the morning so I could get pictures of the cow’s udder. Gayland said I am up at four am so come on out and I will have the coffee ready.

One thing that was very strange when I was examining the heifer and took pictures of the heifer’s rear. Gayland said the heifer was ready to have her second calf. When I took pictures of the heifer’s rear, I noticed blood on her womb. I had heard of cattle mutes that the ranchers that knew their cows were in calf and the cow had been mutilated. Some of them had cut the cow open to see if the calf was still inside the cow. I had read that two ranchers had cut their cows open and the calves were not in the cow’s belly.

Now the blood that I saw on the cow’s womb made me wonder if the calf was still in the heifer’s belly?

I am eventually going to write a novel about the cattle mutilations that Ken and I have investigated and have knowledge about. And believe me some of the stories and people that we have interviewed to this day still amaze me as an investigator.

Ken wanding the cow. Look at the other cow’s. They know; if I could only get one of them to talk.

Look at the blood around the womb. Also look at the cow's udder all the teats are there. This was when we first arrived on the scene.


The bone pile, this is where Gayland took all the cattle mutes that he has had since 1991 which is 21 and the one I am writing about is 22. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I want you to look at the dejected, astonished or whatever word describes the body language and mindless stare that Gayland has when I took this picture.

An other example at a different location