The OUPT were guests at Site 516 in Western Pennsylvania for 7 days in April 2012. What an exciting adventure it was. Paranormal, UFO, Bigfoot, and much,much more. We will be heading back soon. Check it out. HERE

Tulsa Garden Center Investigation Conducted February 29, 2012. The investigation was presented in real time by Project White Paper on Inception Radio (IRN).

Check out 10 minutes of the 1 hour forty five minute communication with spirit Mary HERE

News items:

We held our 3rd. team meeting 11/12/11, in Tulsa, OK.

We reviewed our haunting investigation that was conducted by the team 11/11/11 in Tulsa, OK, have some very interesting EVP results, and ORB video.

We reveiwed our website and have some great suggestions from the team.

1. Add a Cattle Harvesting page in "Gallery". 

2. Add team photo's and bios in "Team", "About Us".

3. Add more data and photos of events in "Gallery".

We also reviewed various ideas on getting our team known to the research and general community.

New equipment:

We have added to our equipment full spectrum and thermal imaging cameras and the addition of a multi-camera DVR, which has 8 IR capable video cameras that are viewed and recorded at a single station. This has given the team a capability to view and record 8 locations simtantiously by one person.

 space for later use.

space for later use.