Oklahoma UFO PARANORMAL TEAM Investigations


July 25-27, 2017 - Paranormal - Board Camp Mine, Mena, AR (HERE)

September 7, 2016 - Ghost Hunt-Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas (HERE)

August 30, 2016 - Ada, Oklahoma, Reported Unusual Sightings (HERE)

September 27, 2015 - Ballou Cemetery, Mays County, Oklahoma (HERE)

August 25, 2015 - Bralley Cemetary, Near Seymor, Missouri - Investigated Paranormal Activity HERE

August 3, 2015 - Tulsa, OK. - Rentie Grove Cemetery  - Investigated reports of Paranormal Activity. HERE

October 21, 2014 - 516 Revisited Photo, Du Bois, PA HERE

September 13, 2014 - Paranormal, Sassin Building Tulsa, OK HERE

April 5, 2014  - Investigated UFO and Paranormal Lake Hudson, OK. HERE

January 14, 2014 - Investigated paranormal the John Bowman House in Buford, GA. (HERE)

November 23, 2013 - Investigated paranormal event in Springfield, MO.  HERE

August 14, 2013 -Investigated Modoc Indian Cemetery and Church, Ottawa County, OK. Here

June 18, 2013-Investigated paranormal activity Kiefer, OK. Here

April 27, 2013 - Received Paranormal/UFO report Muldrow, OK. Conducted investigation May 5 and June 9, 2013. Here

April 22-May 1, 2013 - Returned to Site 516 to continue investigation and research of UFO, Paranormal and Bigfoot sightings in April 2012. Here

April 18, 2013 - Paranormal investigation at Red Oak, Iowa (working)

February 2, 2013 - Investment The White House #3, Tulsa, OK. Check it out HERE.

January 30, 2013 - Investigated Bailey Ranch house (Built 1883) Check it out HERE

October 10, 2012 - Investigated Irvin Middle School, Norman, OK. Check it out HERE

September 26, 2012 - Investigated Residence on Lake Hudson near Locust Grove, OK. Check it out HERE

September 21, 2012 - Investigated reported demonic possession Tulsa, OK. Unable to report findings, privacy issue HERE

September 6, 2012 - Investigated haunted builds and graveyard at Octagon Hall, Franklin, KY. Check it out HERE.

August 13, 2012 - Investigated reported sightings and paranormal activities in Ardmore, OK. Check it out HERE

April, 25 thru 30, 2012 - Investigated Site 516 in Western Pennsylvania. The OUPT were guests at Site 516 in Western Pennsylvania for 7 days in April 2012. What an exciting adventure it was, as we experienced paranormal, UFO, bigfoot, and much, much more. Check it out HERE. Returned back to PA. April 2013.

April, 13, 2012 - Investigated DR. Bakers morgue at the Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, AR. Check it out HERE

February 29, 2012 - Investigated the Tulsa Garden Center, Tulsa, OK. for several paranormal reports by the Tulsa Garden staff. The investigation was presented in real time by Project White Paper on Inception Radio (IRN). Contact was made with spirit Mary. Check out 10 minutes of the 1 hour forty five minute communication with spirit Mary HERE.

September 23, 2012 - Investigated the White House in Tulsa, OK. for paranormal activity after reports of unusual happenings centered around the mysterious missing workman during the building of the home. Check it out HERE.