April 27, 2013 - Muldrow, OK Investigation

April 27, 2013: Received an incident report from a person in Muldrow, OK. requesting help in understanding what they are experiencing. The report had a list of paranormal, UFO and possible alien entity issues.

The team was in Pennsylvania and was unable to respond until after our return to Oklahoma. The person was contacted and a meeting was setupfor mid-May.

May 14, 2013: Roger and Ken conducted the investigation which consisted of apersonal interview; using EVP recorders, IR movie camera and MEL meter. During the interview the person discussed many paranormal and UFO related incidences they had experienced; paranormal in the home and various UFO sightings seen in the skies in the area.

IR, EVP and MEL meter searches did not reveal any significant or repeatable indications of paranormal activity in the home during the investigation. Reported UFO sightings were of the lights in the sky and maneuvering of the lights. None were seen during the visit, which is not unusual as you need to be there when it happens. 

June 14, 013: A follow up investigation was conducted by Roger, Marilyn, Rob and Dick. A paranormal sweep of the home was conducted using IR cameras, EVP recorders and several MEL meters with no repeatable results.

Marilyn, a clinical hypnotherapist, conducted a hypnosis session with the person. Results are protected information.

A search for the possibility of metal objects in the personís body was also conducted and there were several hits were noted; implants?

The team hoped that the hypnosis session would help the person better understand some of the reasons for their issues.   

September 16: Person wants implants removed. After several suggestions the matter became the lack of funds.

September 20: We had to inform the person the team has no resources to help pay.

Ken and Roger conducting EVP and MEL meter search of the house.