August 14, 1213 - Modoc Indian Cemetery and Church Investigation.

The team had requested and received permission from the Modoc Tribe in Miami, OK. to conduct a paranormal investigation of the 1879 Modoc Church and Cemetery located in Ottawa County.

Several years ago Marilyn participated in a paranormal investigation with a small teamin both the Modoc church and cemetery. She experienced red and blue dots/orbs about the size of 1/2 dollars floating around a gravestone in the cemetery. They had setup in the church prior to going to the cemetery and all window clapboards were closed and door was shut, when they returned all the clapboards were open and the door was one had been there other than them. Also while they were in the cemetery they saw a person on the front porch, it turned and walked off the porch and disappeared. Also an audio recorder was setup in the church before they went to the cemetery, analysis of the 1 hour and 35 minute recording had foot steps,banging and possible voices. When they returned they attempted to communicate with spirit and heard footsteps going up and down the stairs, a baby crying, a gunshot and Marilyn felt something touch her.

Needless to say the team just had to check this place out. The small team Marilyn was with only had audio recorders and movie camera. We have a van full of equipment.

The team assembled at a motel in Miami, OK at 2:30PM and contacted Judy Cobb to make arrangements to meet her at the Modoc Church. At the church we inspected the area of the cemetery and inside the church to plan out our DVR setup and where we would locate the various cameras, DVR monitor and equipment suitcases and then unloaded our equipment into the church. We broke for dinner returning at 7:00PM, unpacked and setup our equipment.

Six DVR IR cameras were used, they were placed upstairs facing with a good view of the room, a small room doorway and stars, downstairs back room facing the doorway, middle room facing the entrance to upstairs, main worship area with a good view of the pews and alter area and two wireless cameras place at the edge (due to wireless limitations) of the cemetery with one looking at the lower grave sites and the other looking at the upper grave sites for a total of 6. The DVR was started at 8:30PM and secured at 1:30AM.

The monitoring station was setup in the church proper. Power was supplied by our 1000 watt Honda generator for the DVR system and Goal Zero portable batteries with inverters used for the two wireless cameras which were located 100 yards north of the church at the southern end of the cemetery looking north/northeast and north/northwest. We attempted to get them closer to the gravesides but were not able to due to loss of wireless signal.

Other major equipment used: MEL meters, digital audio recorders, RT-EVP recorders, IR HD movie and still cameras with phantom IR lights, radios, spirit touch, temperature probes, and the RAZ-FLIR camera.

Conclusion: In the back room Marilyn had MEL meter readings but they were not repeatable, and saw a large orb. It was in this room where she was touched during her first visit. Review of the DVR video has shown no paranormal activity, except for small orbs which could be dust or insects although some moved in a steady straight line. Dick walked the cemetery with the IR camera, extra IR source and EVP monitor with no results. A video is included at the bottom of this page showing how your own equipment can make things happen that appear extraordinary.

Modoc Indian Cemetery and Church location in Ottawa county.

Church, with historical marker on stone in front

Historical marker, placed 1988

Roger , Marilyn and Dick investigating red and white dots off a gravestone in the lower cemetery