Board Camp Mine Investigation, Mena, AR June 25-26, 2017


June 8, 2017 we received a phone call from fellow investigator and friend Chase Kloetzke about a Crystal Mine in Mena AR that she had investigated with Josh Gates and his film crew earlier in the year. Chase is a MUFON SAT (Special Assignment Team) investigator. She asked if we would assist her with a second opinion on the paranormal phenomenon she experienced on the property. The Team agreed that we would conduct an un-biased investigation of the property.


Our investigation was originally scheduled for July 25-29, but due to the intense heat and humidity in Arkansas that time of year we were totally exhausted and returned home July 27.

Team members Bill, Julie, Marilyn, Dick, Ken and his wife Helen were able to support and conduct the investigation.

Some history:


The owners for the Board Camp Mine became aware of unusual happenings February 18, 2017, and have noted continuing happenings to date. 


Some of the happenings they have witnessed are:

·       Unexplained lights that seem to manifest from nowhere and then disappear

·       Game camera photos showing location of rocks that have moved position

·       They have conducted experimental rock levitation measurements and videoed the experiment using their game camera

·       They have steel fence post that were around the mine pit area that had became magnetized

·       They have seen round orbs and other forms of light, glowing rocks, and sparks in the woods from the mines' roads, throughout.

·        They have seen rocks glow

·       While Chase was there and walking in the bottom of the 30 foot deep ravine on the property a rather large quartz rock appeared to just drop from the sky and rolled down the ravine toward them


We had asked if anyone in the area might be interested in talking about any unusual events that had happened in the area. One local came to the stage at the mine and he told us about 20 years ago his Grandmother showed him a UFO that had landed in a field and hay bales were on fire.



The Investigation


The team arrived at the property that afternoon. Orville Murphy greeted us and invited us in their home and discussed of some of the phenomena they had witnessed also showed game camera video of rocks that moved from various places. Orville then showed Dick the property and event pit.


Cheryl and Orville invited the team for supper and we had delicious spaghetti with garlic bread meal. It was wonderful for them to do that for us and much appreciated after or long drive.


Once all of the team arrived we hauled the equipment needed to the event site and setup our cameras, DVR, canopy, tables and chairs. Orville and Cheryl had run a120VAC power cable to our setup area at the north side of the event pit. We started recording once we deployed 7 our cameras.




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We completed the review of the 166 hours of combined daylight and night videos.


All of the night videos had flying insects, spider activity and an occasional Fire Fly would come in close to the camera and cause a very bright bloom and then trail off.  Daytime videos were clear with no issues.




Incident #1: Camera #3

At 9:42:20PM we noticed movement on the rock just in front of the camera at the mine, much to our surprise a field mouse appeared with glowing eyes from the IR. It hung around for about 5 minutes moving from rock to rock and then disappeared in the rocks.


Incident #2:  Camera #3

-10:44:18 PM a light appeared just to the east of the setup area canopy

-10:54:12 PM the light disappeared


NOTE: There is a cabin due north of the event pit camera #3 .We suspected the light was from the cabin window, as it occurred about the time Bill and Julie retired for the night. The next night we arranged to do an experiment using the same camera location and had the cabin light cycled on/off. We again observed/recorded it in the same area.


We reviewed both nights video of the light and were able to determine by marking the monitor screen that both lights were from the cabin bedroom window.


In review of the 166 hours of video we could did not see anything thing unusual, other than that reported above.




Team member George is a Geologist but was unable to attend our investigation. George gave us some tips as to what to look for, properties of crystals specifically quartz and supplied a set of hydrophones used for detecting underground water.


7/26/17 using the hydrophones Ken detected bubbling sounds in the event pit which indicates flowing water beneath the event pit.


Quartz crystals have a pezoelectric effect when excited by pressure, bending and/or heat The crystal will generate a low level electrical charge on its surface.


Our question is with the large amount of quartz thought to be in the event pit and water moving over or through these crystals could this introduce enough of a charge to manifest a glow or light above the pit?    


 A good article about quartz crystals used in watches and some of their amazing properties is at



On our second night about 10:40PM Ken, Helen and Orville went to our DVR setup by the event pit to see if everything was working and watch the cabin light experiment. Looking to the west a light in the forest was noticed. It was a bright white the amber to red and back to white. When Ken shined his flashlight at the light it seemed to react by getting smaller, when Ken stopped the light grew brighter. The next morning the light was estimated to be 247 feet from where they were standing.


When Ken pointed his flashlight at the light it seemed to react by dimming and when he took it away it would brighten.



Radiation Survey

We did a survey of the event pit area using our Geiger counter and only detect normal background radiation.


Earth Movement Detection

A tripod with a plum bob and very fine play sand was setup at the edge of the event pit. The plum bob was set so it just barely touched the play sand. A Sony Handycam monitored the plum bob/sand interface for any usual movements, none were detected.



We setup our 16” singing bowl at the stage area played it hoping to maybe get a visual or audio response, but we attracted hundreds of bats.



The Murphy’s also had observed lights in the area in front of the stage and up the hill toward the event pit.


The team watched both nights and also conducted a sky watch the second night using our night vision camera to monitor both the hill, trees to the south toward the event pit and sky. We observed nothing unusual either night.