January 28, 2018  - LOCUST GROVE OK.

Locust Grove vicinity UFO sighting 1/28/18 at approximately 12:30 PM

While driving west on highway 412 (Cherokee Turnpike) near Locust Grove in Mayes County Oklahoma, Dewayne and his 80 yr old mother witnessed 50-100 stationary but slowly spinng Silver/White balls at an estimated elevation of 2,000 ft with  no sound.

The witness stopped to take a photo with his cell phone and suddenly they all vanished at the exact same time. 

OUPT member Marilyn asked the witness if he held his thumb out at arm’s length how big did the objects look compared to his thumb. He said about the same size which would make them fairly large at an elevation of 2000 ft. The Witness commented that “they were as big as a passenger plane”.

Ken contacted the local Sheriff and Highway Patrol and they had no unusual reports during that date and time frame.

The witness lives in Siloam Springs, AR.

At about the same time as the sighting Ken was on his back porch and heard a strange and very loud whooshing sound. He looked up to the sky and saw nothing. His dogs also looked up.

Are these incidences related to each other? Ken is only 5 miles north of the church on highway 412 where the sighting occurred.

Also might the 1/28/2018 (same date) Wanette/Asher sighting of a large silver object be related to this sighting?  Wanette sighting was 178 miles South/West of the Locust Grove sighting (HERE).