Oklahoma UFO Paranormal Team Investigations

September 27, 2015 - Ballou Cemetery, Mays County, Oklahoma

On a warm summer day in 1977 three young girls were found brutally murdered at Girl Scout Camp Scott located in rural eastern Oklahoma. The murders caused the “largest man hunt in Oklahoma history” and the ensuing “trial of the century” of “ Cherokee Outlaw” Eugene (Gene) Leroy Hart for the murders. Hart was acquitted of the crime.

There are three excellent books on the murders, investigation and trial “Tent number 8”, by Gloyd McCoy, “The Camp Scott Murders” by C. S. Kelly and “Someone Cry for the Children” by Michael and Dick Wilkerson.

The team started investigating these murders and soon focused on outlaw Leroy Hart. Leroy’s past of various petty crimes, rape of two women, being a prison escapee at the time of the murders and his relationship in the area around Mays County and Locust Grove, OK.

Also Native American shamanism appears to have played a role in his life with subsequent predictions after the trail that if shamanism was used wrongly he would pay. Leroy went back to prison to finish his rape sentence and died of a heart attack at the age of 35.

Investigators Marilyn and Dick located where he was buried and his grave stone in the Ballou Cemetery which is located 6.2 miles south of Locust Grove off Highway 82 on Earl Bob Road.

Arrangements were made to conduct a “Ghost Hunt” September 27, 2015 at his grave site in an attempt to communicate with his sprit and establish some truths to the many pro and con stories relating him to the murders.

The UMR and Oklahoma UFO Paranormal Team setup a base station at the grave site so the “hunt’ could be and was streamed on the Internet Radio Network (IRN).

Several paranormal instruments were used.

1.   (2) MEL Meters

2.   (1) RT-EVP equipment

3.   (2) Digital audio recorders

4.   (1) Sony Camcorder:

a.    IR Video Camcorders

b.   Night Shot Low light Camcorders

5.   (1) Digital Camera (USB for streaming video)

6.   (1) HP Computer

a.    Streaming Software

Oklahoma UFO Paranormal Team7.   (2) Goal Zero Batteries (Lithium-Iron Phosphate)

8.   (2) Goal Zero Inverter (12VDC to 120VAC)

9.   (3) MAG Light flashlights

10. (2)Tri-Pods

11. Portable Table and Chairs

We started setting up at 5:30PM and were on the air and streaming at 5:50PM. Ken reviewed for the listeners some history of the murders, the investigations that took place, his law enforcement opinions on the case and the history of Leroy Hart. Ken and Marilyn also explained for the listeners what we wanted to accomplish during this event.

The group and team, with assistance of invited guest checked out the cemetery for indications of sprit activity and activity was noted.

Although we started at 5:50PM, and we were getting MEL meter reading of 1.80 at times no MEL meter communication was able to be established.

At 7:02PM we setup a small MAG flashlight on top of his head stone, turning the light just off to allow sprit to turn it on. This technique has been used several times by both teams.

Marilyn attempted to contact Leroy with no success, so she then attempted to contact Leroy’s mother who is buried beside Leroy. At approximately 7:50PM contact with Ella May Buckskin (Leroy’s mother) was established.

This is a 14 minute YouTube video of our contact and conversation.