May 5, 2017 - Large Foot Prints Found - Lake Stanley Draper, OK.

Team members Bill and Julie were exercising their dog on the Lake Stanley Draper shoreline and discovered some usually large bare foot prints on the shoreline road.  

On May 5, 2017 Marilyn and Dick arranged to met Bill and Julie at Stanley Draper and  check out what they had seen the day before.

We checked for footprints from the waterline to the road and did not find any, they were all on the road going north. We saw no footprints heading in the opposite direction.

As the map shows we found footprints for over 1 1/2 miles before we stopped.

After some discussion with other Bigfoot researchers we decided that these were probably human. Our question was why would someone walk, not run several miles barefoot in only one direction? These were not a running stride, just casual walking.

Here are some of photos of the prints and castings