UFO Investigation Great Sand Dunes, CO. (Date Unkown but Delivered to Team Aug. 13, 2012)

Taken by 10yr old great sand dunes Colorado, bob and I (Ken Storch) were on an investigation he rode up to us on his bike. Said he knew where it came out of the mountain. Mom came out of house and read me the riot act......moon light issues in the sky observation area.

Dick and Marilyn analysis: Ken What do you think? Looks round and has a dome on top and we could see two bumps on the bottom left and right of a round center area which might indicate landing gear. The discoloration or patches on the bottom suggest windows, burn marks or damage, it reminds me of barnacle patches on the bottom of a ship. No wings or tail can be seen and the angle exposes more of the bottom than the top, so it must be fairly close and low to the photographer. Maybe 1,000 to 1,500 feet elevation at the most.

Dick and Marilyn