Heavener Runestone Park September 9-10/2013

Runestone Park Symbols (RUNES)

December 17, 2012 we were invited by team member Ken Storch to a movie shoot at Runestone Park, Heavener, OK. We did not have much time to check it out but did catch on our nightvision equipment an UFO that night, also were totally blown away seeing and reading about the Runestone and listening to various UFO stories and strange sighting at and around the park. We had planned to come back with our equipment and 9/9/2013 we did.

During the time from September to now, we had acquired four new members to our investigative team. This investigation gave us a chance to work together, learn the equipment and have a lot of fun. The newest members are all from Missouri, which greatly expands the area our team can cover.

We wanted to accomplish a few things:

1. Both visual and IR video the area around the Runestone.

2. Determine the orientation of the Runestone to magnetic and true north.

3. Determine if there is any relationship between the Runestone and Spiro Mounds to the north

4. Show the team our newest equipment and refresh the team on some of our equipment operation.

5. Conduct night search for UFOs each night.

6. Setup game cameras to catch anything in the deep wooded areas.

7. Visit Spiro Mounds, just east of Spiro, OK. (to our dismay was closed during our visit)

8. Introduce a new investigation form to help standardize our investigations.

9/9/2013 - Set up 4 wireless DVR IR cameras pointed at the Runestone building area. Two were setup on the lower path looking east and north/east and two were setup on the upper path looking north/east and north. They all were pointed at the Runestone building and lower canyon in front of the building animal trails. Main purpose was to get video of Bigfoot which was sighted in the area and also large coyotes that had been reported on the mountain which are very large and more wolf like in size.

Three cabled DVR camera were placed on the east side of the Office building, looking east into the canyon and one DVR camera was setup in the parking lot area looking south to catch anything crossing the parking lot.

Set a game camera by the creek that passes under the upper path looking south upstream toward the ridge.

Setup our night vision equipment in the upper parking lot to conduct night sky watching.

9/10/2013 Moved the DVR cameras to the campground area, four wirelesses looking into the wooded area, three wired looking west in the mowed area and one looking off the cliff into the wooded area below the mowed area. Used the conference building as our base camp.

Game cameras were moved into the unoccupied campground heavily wooded area.

Setup our night vision equipment at the conference building and sky watched looking at the north/east/south sky, due to the city lights and haze over the city to the west.

Investigation conclusions:

- Review of the DVR video data showed no unusual occurrences, only small woodland creatures (squirrels, birds, insects etc.)

- The Runestone was determined to be facing east/west (090/270) and pointed to true north (000/360) (using IPhone GPS), using a magnetic hand compass it is also pretty closely facing 090/270 degrees (current magnetic deviation is at 002 east of true north) which brings up even more questions on how was this done with a rock 10 foot wide and 12 foot high weighting many tons? (see movie of measurements)

- Further investigation required to determine if there is any relationship between the Runestone and Spiro Mounds north/east of Spiro, OK.

Interesting that:

a. Runestone to Spiro Mounds is 28.44 miles north as the crow flies.

b. Runestone to furthest west mound (Dollop Mound) bearing is 000.49 east true, Spiro Mound is the furthest east and is at 001.56 degrees east true. Seems to be more than a coincidence so requires further study. Especially since some evidence (disputed of course) places the Viking Rune markings around the same era of 800AD. (Since stone markings cannot be carbon dates the timing of the markings are still unknown).

- The team did get a chance to work with the newest equipment and our only regret is we did not have enough time to do it all.

- Night search for UFOs was conducted both nights from 8:00PM to midnight; skies were clear to the north/east/south but hazy west. Detected several satellites, airplanes and shooting stars with our night vision equipment but nothing unusual.

- The cell phone capable game camera was setup at the upper path bridge, looking up stream but had no detections other than setup and take down. Second night it was moved into the upper campground area and had no animal detections other than us.

- Team visited the Spiro Mounds  east of Spiro, OK. But it was closed (see team photos)

A couple of books that give insight to Heavener and the area are "Forbidden Archeology" by Michael A. Cremo and Gloria Farley's book "In Plain Sight" which gives great detail of the Runestone plus other findings in the area.

Wireless DVR camera setups and orientation on 9/10/13 (Large download, takes a while and you need to hit the start button)

Team members Ken and Dick gathering wireless equipment to move to the upper campground area 9/10/13 (Large download, takes a while and you need to hit the start button).

In the Runestone building measuring Runestone orientation to true north 9/10/13

In the Runestone building measuring Runestone orientation to magnetic north 9/10/13

OUPT settling up cameras for the 9/10/13 investigation at Runestone Park upper campground area. (Large download, takes a while and you need to hit the start button)

OUPT at Spiro Mounds, Oklahoma. (Three missing)