February 1, 2015 - Team received a call from a local woman that reported an unusual animal or creature she saw December 6, 2014  in OKC.

Billy was going to work at 5:15 AM on December 6, 2014 and saw an unexplainable animal or creature.

She was traveling on south 29th st. heading east and about a tenth a mile west of Council Rd she saw an animal come up the bank and start to walk onto the road. She slowed so she would not hit it and it continued to cross. In her headlights she saw the creature walk on two legs, the thighs and hips were very muscular, it had a long tail with a large base that tapered like a whip. It swished it like it was angry similar to how a cat will swish its tail when it does not like something. It had a small head and ears, with very large eyes. Its skin was light tan, could not see any hair it looked more lizard like but was shinny in the headlight.

It seemed to be intelligent as it stopped at the curb and then when I stopped it came across at a leisurely pace, not really in any hurry.

The temperature had been warm for several days prior to the sighting and December 6th was a full moon with no overcast.

Although the time between the sighting and the report was 21 days, Marilyn and Dick investigated the area where the sighting occurred. As the Google Earth photo shows there is a settling pond on the south side and a small drainage ditch on the north side of the road.

The concrete culvert appears to be fairly new and had no water flowing, also the settling pond was muddy but no standing water. The north side of the culvert was wet but no water flow. The drainage ditch had water in it but not moving, it was also iced over the temperature was about 40 but it had been cold for days before.

We did find a set of tracks on the east side of the drainage ditch did a casting and now believe the prints are of a Raccoon.

Inspected the culvert for any animal sign, both inside and outside found no tracks or sign.

Yet another mystery!    


Location on South 29th. St. OKC

Drainage Ditch North Side Of The Road

Culvert South Side of Road

Foot Print in Mud

Pouring Casting Material

Foot Print Castings, Suspect Raccoon