Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, AR. Investigation (April 14 2012)

This trip was all that we had hoped for to get access to Dr. Baker's lab area, autopsy room and morgue at the Crescent Hotel. The hotel is a ghost hunters paradise from a person jumping off the balcony, several deaths in building and maintaining the property, and most of all the quack Dr. Baker who swindled and murdered  many cancer victims in his morbid lab in the basement of the hotel.

This trip had been anticipated for a long time. OUPT team mate Roger Peacock arranged for the team to have access to the hotel halls, lobby, dining area and best of all he arrangement to conduct a private investigation of the famous Dr. Bakerís lab area, autopsy room and morgue. Due to other commitments only three of the OUP team had the opportunity to make the trip, Marilyn, Roger and Dick.

The evening of April 13, Dick conducted a sweep of the porch area, finding the porch empty of visitors he asked if spirits were present would they please rock the rocking chairs. Immediately the chair closest to Dick began to rock, he then asked if it would stop and it did. Using the full spectrum camera he asked the question again, this time getting the phenomena on video. No apparitions were seen in the video but the chair rocking on command is. The weather turned and wind started all chairs to rock to so it was impossible to continue the investigation.  

Hall sweeps were conducted by the team members using Mel meters, full spectrum camera and RT-EVP. Some hot spots were found but no response to questions or video response was noted. The video was reviewed with no anomalies noted. Pictures were taken of the lobby, 1st, 2nd floor hallways, building exterior concentrating on the 4 balconies, windows and garden area. Upon review no abnormal indications were seen.

April 14: After dinner the Crystal Dining Room was photographed with a D50 Canon digital camera and the high resolution photos were review with no anomalies.

At 11:00 PM we met with the Ghost Hunt Tour Guide and he escorted us to Dr. Bakerís lab area. He gave us additional information on what actually happened in this area during Dr. Bakerís experiments, it was some very gruesome stuff the good Doctor did to his patients, including storing 28 bodies stacked in the cooler. The lab area has a large medal table with a sink and is believed to be the preparation table. The autopsy table was believed to be in the middle of the room with the drain still there where the fluids would have drained.

We setup the iGEN night vision camera and recorder at the far end of the hall looking toward the autopsy area. The full spectrum camera was setup looking into the morgue cooler where the bodies were stored, one RT-EVP was in FM sweep mode in the autopsy area, Mel meters, Canon D50, RT-EVP, FLIR, EMI detectors were used in every area of the lab.

Initial results of the investigation: High Mel meter readings in various areas, especially in the autopsy and morgue area. The readings were solid but no reaction to questions, Over 130 digital pictures were taken in the lab, using both normal and timed (1-5 second) exposures. RT-EVP on the preparation table was not monitored but was analyzed with no definitive paranormal EVP audio activity.

Marilyn standing in the Morgue cooler/ice room where Dr. Baker stored bodies of the deceased.

Roger and Dick in front of the preparation work table and standing where the autopsy table was located it was removed years ago.

Marilyn checking the MEL meter for activity just outside the Morgue cooler where 28 victims of Dr. Barker's experiments were stored and just behind where the autopsy table was located. The full spectrum camera is looking into the cooler.

crescent rocking chair.wmv

Paranormal sweep of the back porch at the Crescent Hotel using the full spectrum camera. There are 5 chairs in view, no wind and no one else on the porch with me.

 Back of the Crescent Hotel, looking at the location where a young girl jumped off the upper balcony. She has been seen several times repeating the event.

Marilyn just outside the cooler checking the MEL meter and Roger inside the cooler adjusting equipment. The full spectrum video camera is monitoring and recording the situation. The cooler was actually an icebox with sawdust wall insulation, it did seem to have a rather odd smell.