Bailey Ranch House Investigation, Sperry, OK. (Jan 30/31 2013)

The team was invited to investigate a home in Sperry, OK. which was built in 1883 and is situated on the Bailey Ranch property just north west of Sperry.

There were originally three houses similar to this built in the area dated from 1860 to 1883. The house we investigated is the 1883 location it is the only one of the three that is still standing. The house is built of native stone, quarried from a local stream bed and evidence of the quarry still exist today.

The house was once a stage coach station, court house and finally a family home and is currently empty.

Many unusual events have been reported in the house by family and friends.

Upon the teamís arrival, we were greeted by Bud Jr. he grew up in the home. Bud gave the team a tour of the home, explaining every room how it was used and any unusual events that happened in the room. We were accompanied by Tom, Claudia (owners) and KJ (She was familiar with the house and events).

The house had no utilities; we were required to use our 80 watt 120 VAC gas generator to supply our DVR system and IR cameras. The rest of our equipment is portable and battery operated. See our list of the teamís equipment HERE.

In the early evening Tom ran some extension cables for heaters, hot water container and lighting. It was very much appreciated as the outside temperature dipped to 27 degrees and with several windows broken it became very cold in several of the rooms. The heater gave us an area to warm up.

We brought our normal investigation equipment, including our new DVR with 6 HD cameras (with IR source for dark enviornments), RT-EVP and audio recorders, iGEN Night Vision Cameras, Full Spectrum and IR movie Cameras, FLIR, Frank's Box, etc.. Check out our equipment list

Adding to the mystery, the front stairs are painted  in bright colors we have seen in New Orleans and Mardi Gras, suggesting to several of us that witchcraft might have been involved. Also the north and some of the east side lower windows are painted over for some unknown reason again suggesting that something either inside or outside did not want to be seen.

OUPT setting up for the night. L/R team members Roger, Bob and Marilyn, Dick is taking the picture.

Beautiful native stone home, built 1883

Many additions were added over the years. The family room is in rough condition, air conditioning was added some time in the past, and the roof is in need of repair.

That evening Marilyn and Roger had a paranormal session with spirit "Bud senior", one of the late home owners, in this room. Bud Jr. told us that there was a lot of violence in this room, both verbal and physical. He refered to it as the "fight room".

When Bud Jr. lived in the home, his mother was cooking and had just placed a dish full of corn on the counter top to the left. She turned to complete her cooking, turned around again to get the corn and it had vanished, never to be seen again.

In the past people had reported noises from this room. On one of the EVP/MEL meter sweeps of the room Dick received a strong EMF on the REM meter just to the right of the left window. It was so strong that all the lights were illuminated and warning tone heard. Reviewing the DVR IR camera recording monitoring the room, nothing abnormal was seen. Contact was not repeatable.

Also adding to the mystery are the bright colors used on the staircase which are similar to those used in New Orleans and Mari Gras (witchcraft??). The lower windows on the east and north side have been painted over to either keep something unseen in or out.

At 0032 hrs. while investigator Bob was conducting a sweep of the front upstairs bedrooms, a high MEL meter reading and REM was indication in the front small bedroom.  After a couple of seconds the MEL meter battery went dead and Bob's cell phone battery was also drained. Review of the DVR IR camera data does not indicate anything abnormal . large file please wait for loading to complete

This was the first communication with Bud using a mag light as the tool. Marilyn had high MEL meter readings earlier in the area of the closet. Roger setup a mag light as a communication tool and had a strong response. One guest was visibly frightened and ran from the room. Communication continued for several minutes. large file please wait for loading to complete