Area 51
This photo's and video were taken September 2010, while we were on a 7 day visit to the area. We went out every night with our night vision setup and have some interesting video.

Click picture for close up view

Las Vegas light from area 51
90 miles away

Famous Black Mailbox (now white)
Steve Medlin's Mail Box, HW 375

NV Highway 375
Extraterrestrial Highway

Groom Lake Road
Taken From HW 375

Alien Research Center
Crystal Springs, NV.

Little Ale Inn Bar
Talking Alien

Little Ale Inn
Rachel, NV.

Tikaboo Peak
Looking West from HW 375

Venus and Moon
Over the Groom Range

Slow Moving UFO over the Groom Range, Looking south from the Black Mailbox

Dumb Bell Satellite ?, taken south of Rachel, NV.

Dual UFOs? taken at the Black Mail Box