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We are located in: Tulsa, OKC, Stigler, Locust Grove, Tuttle OK., and Springfield, MO.

The Team

Marilyn Carlson-Team Director- Senior Investigator-Yukon, Oklahoma: Marilyn Carlson has been a UFO and paranormal researcher since the 1960ís and began her research work more deeply in 1988 when she had a very unusual experience that could not be explained to her. She began teaching Chakara meditations which led her to having an experience with UFOs and ET. In 1993 she attended St Johnís University and pursued a 1 year training program in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She was certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy by The National Guild of Hypnotists and immediately began working with UFO abductees. She has taught classes on how to use hypnosis with abductees and bringing forth hidden memories. She has appeared on the Sightings TV program in 1995, numerous radio shows and recently appeared on Channel 8 News in Tulsa, OK.

  • Assistant State Director, Field Investigator and Oklahoma State Director for MUFON

  • Oklahoma State Director for E.P.I.C Voyagers

Ken Storch-Assistant Team Director-Senior Investigator-Locust Grove, Oklahoma.: Ken is a decorated Law Enforcement Officer; Ken has been investigating UFO cases for 35 years utilizing his unique criminal investigative techniques. His law enforcement approach to this issue is dynamic and aggressive. Ken has been featured on the History Channel UFO Files and UFO Hunters.

Ken served in the US Air Force and is a business owner and runs a successful RV camp ground.

Dick Carlson-Senior Investigator- Yukon, Oklahoma: Originally from Butte, Montana. Served in the US Navy (Submarines). Career experiences include; government civil service (US Navy), systems engineering for IBM, Loral Corp, Lockheed Martin. Retired Lockheed Martin 2004 and president of a systems engineering consulting firm in Yukon, OK.

  • Field investigator for MUFON

  • Senior Field investigator, photo analysis for E.P.I.C.

  • Team photo analysis, electrical/electronic equipment management and web master


Bill May-Senior Investigator - Norman, Oklahoma. Bill has a total forty-two years experience as a Forensic Scientist working with the Lawton Police Department, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and Norman Police Department. His expertise is in the field of Crime Scene Investigations to include Court certified latent print examiner and footwear comparison and other aspects of crime scene investigations. Bill is a Research Associate with the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. Current research has been devoted to Permian Age vertebrates. He has been affiliated with the Museum since 1991. He has published numerous scientific papers.

Bill had formerly served as a MUFON member/ certified field investigator, a MUFON Oklahoma Star Team member and Certified Field Investigator for EPIC.

Julie Howenstine-May - Senior Investigator- Norman, Oklahoma Julie has twenty- three years experience as a Mental Health Crisis Interventionist. She received her Masters Degree from the University of Oklahoma in Human Relations. She formerly served as a Certified Field Investigator for MUFON and EPIC. She also served as a MUFON Oklahoma Star Team Member.


George Schlick - Senior Investigator - Springfield, Missouri: George graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in geology. He worked in the oil industry for approximately 15 years as an exploration/development geologist. In 1986 he changed careers and followed a childhood dream of becoming a police officer. He worked for the Aurora, CO police department for over 20 years. During that time he became good friends with Ken Storch and became interested in UFO and paranormal investigations listening to stories he related.

Patti - Investigator - Springfield, Missouri: Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Received her B.S. degree in Technical Management from Regis College in 1989. Patti brings a few personal paranormal experiences to the team but considers herself a skeptic until convinced otherwise.

Doug Schultz - Senior Investigator - Springfield, Missouri: After serving in the military, Doug spent twenty-eight years in law enforcement, including over twenty-five years as a State Police officer. His primary duty was traffic enforcement with his last years spent reconstructing fatality crashes. Doug was also involved in the investigations of several mutilated cattle.

Doug has had numerous encounters with aliens and UFOís. Days before his seventh birthday, Doug, his older brother and two friends were witness to three short humanoids that appeared to walk through a barbed-wire fence and disappear. He has also been witness to numerous UFOs. His closest encounter was with one that stalked him for several minutes/miles, stopping approximately 500 feet from him when he stopped his vehicle to observe. It hovered silently over the road for several minutes, until he shined a spotlight on it. A member of MUFON, Doug was a skeptic at first, but is open-minded and wants to learn more.

Mike Roddy - Senior Investigator- Ada Oklahoma: Mike is a licensed private investigator; He served in the Marines Corps, He is retired from the Oklahoma National Guard and Oklahoma Gas and Electric. Formed the Gumshoe Investigation Inc. Agency in 2005. He became interested in the UFO phenomenon when in early 90s he and his son observed 2 UFOs approximately 300 yards south of his house about 100 feet off of the ground.

Mike has witnessed several unusual phenomena including a Fox like creature that stood on its hind legs and several UFOs prior to his Feb. 13 sighting.

Traci Harrell-Investigator

Tommy Harrell-Investigator

Bob - Undercover investigator

Brandon - Undercover Investigator