White House Mansion #1 & #2- Tulsa, OK. (Sept. 23, 2011 and Nov. 01, 2011)

The team Nov. 1 paranormal investigation was featuresd in the Tulsa World newspapers December 11, 2011 titled "Mystery lures ghost hunters" written by Jason Ashely Wright.

Equipment used: Mel meters, RT-EVP, Frank's Box, IR-Video Cameras, IR Camcorder, Tri-Field and Temperature Probes where used to detect a presence.

Of special interest was the second floor bedroom of the owners young son, he said he saw a face in the ceiling, so two IR cameras were setup in that room. The third floor was of special interest as that is where Jesús was last seen and two IR cameras where setup there also.

During the 9/23 investigation Roger had a Mel Meter indication in the first floor area and was able to get some communication indications meter reading and indicator light action, the 11/1 investigation was not as positive.

Although as reported in the newspaper article, "Peacock went back to the mansion after the investigation we witnessed. In addition to Jesus, they started picking up three additional voices on the third floor through the Spirit Box: one man and two women.

"Surprisingly, when I walked up the stairs and stepped into the room, one voice said, 'It's Roger,' " Peacock said. The voices continued coming through, and he discerned words and phrases like "help," "help me" and "please, help us."

"It was disturbing," he said.

The investigations were very interesting with paranormal indications on the Mel and Frank's box. All video was examined with no abonormalities noted. This investigation also gave the team  an excellent oportunity to refine and better understand the operation and interperations of our latest equipment