White House Mansion #3 - Tulsa, OK. (February 2, 2013)

The team had investigated the White House Mansion twice in 2011,and had communicated with the spirit of Jesús, a carpenter that had gone missing in 1984. An article of that investigation was written by Jason Wright in the Tulsa World Newspaper .

The new owner had requested the team to return, contact the spirit and remove it from the property.

The team setup our DVR system and began a systematic search of the property both inside and outside using our EVPs, MEL Meters, Spirit Touch, laser grid and Sony HD Handycam equipment.

The spirit contacted us in a third floor bedroom, which was being used for storage. All the paranormal equipment was setup andafter determining that the spirit was Jesús, he was requested to depart theproperty with the guidance of Archangel Michael, Rafael and Uriel. All communication stopped and after a period of several minutes trying to get a response we felt that he had indeed departed.

The property owner has been contacted several times and nothing has manifested since our clearing of the property.

Roger and Ken communicating with Jesús, Marilyn is to the right