Wanette, Oklahoma - January 22, 2014 Reported abduction and UFO landing.

OUPT received a request to investigate a witness reporting several abduction experiences and also a UFO landing. These happened near her home in Wanette, OK. The landing had been several years ago, but the abductions and visitations happen regularly.

The team interviewed the person and was shown where the latest encounter happened. She was sleeping and awaked with a feeling of a presences in her bedroom and saw three entities standing over her bed. Although this has happened before she decided to put up a fight, with one of the entities pushed and hitting her closet door rather hard. The entities retreated and were beamed up through the roof; she then heard a loud noise like a diesel truck and then silence.

The team examined the bedroom and closet door with a black light to see if any residue was still visible from the encounter, the results were negative. A MEL meter investigation of the bedroom and the home was also negative. Two of the team continued with the interview and the rest of the team conducted a search of the outside of the home, checking windows and roof looking for any clues like discoloration of the roof or walls, window screens, windows, tree branches that might have been broken above the bedroom area all negative. The outside team then moved to the large field behind the home looking for burns or laid down areas in the grass that might have been caused by a UFO landing with negative results. Since Big Foot creatures had also been reported by the witness the dry creek bed at the edge of the property was also searched for foot prints in the dry mud, finding only horse tracks. Interesting that we found no deer tracks in the creek bed or field and this is a very rural area.

The inside team did conduct a search for implants using the stud finder technique, with a couple of hits and it was suggested to her to have a x-ray to verify if anything is present.

Several years ago a UFO landing was seen by the witness, but the area where it was located is now private property and we were unable to get access to that area.

The results of the investigation are inconclusive at this time, we suspect due to the time duration between the encounters and the investigation all residual evidence has deteriorated so badly that nothing was seen on our instruments.

The witness seems very sincere and when she talks of the various encounters and experiences she becomes very emotional and fearful. The team thanked her for her report and requested that if another encounter happens to let us know immediately so any evidence can be gathered.