January 28, 2018  - WANETTE/ASHER, OK.

OUPT Team member Mike Roddy reported a UFO sighting on 1/28/2018.

Mike: I was coming home around midnight from OKC with my cousin and as we approached Wanette, OK. we saw a large silver object over the Wanette Asher area.

Mike: My cousin first thought it was a tower but realized it was too high for a tower so it must be a satellite.  

OUPT Team Leader Marilyn: Informed Mike that the team had multiple UFO reports of silver white balls about 2000 ft high. There were a bunch of them 50-100 of them. The guy stopped the car to take a photo and they all blipped out all at the same time. Both he and his Mom saw them. These were seen Locust Grove near highway 412 same day but earlier around 12:30PM. Wonder if they are related.

Mike: This one was about 200 feet up ...sort of like a spinning top...mostly silver ...didn't move till we passed Asher then moved directly over us. When I slowed down to stop my cousin appeared spooked by the event and asked me not to stop.

Mike: I knew my cousin doesn't believe in them and I was shocked when he admitted that must be what it was.

Mike: One thing I forgot to seemed to disappear and then reappear as it moved over us.

Marilyn: At least yours reappeared. The other report saw them disappear and never return. Makes me wonder about disappearing UFOs . Other report (HERE)

Mike: We were trying to spot it after passing Asher, it appeared and moved over us but when I sped up after almost stopping it started north then we couldn't see it anymore.