November 23, 2013 - Springfield, MO. business/home paranormal Investigation.

Team member Doug once worked at a business in Springfield that had some indications of paranormal incidences. He recently contacted the owners of the company and they agreed to let the team conduct an investigation of the property.

The property consists of several buildings and a former family home that is now used as the business offices. A crime of kidnapping a 10 year old girl from the home happened in 1972. The girl's body was later found at a near by lake. Although the case has never been solved some of the local people felt that a man named Steve, that lived in the area was guilty of the crime.

Some of the experiences in the home were: The desk calculator in the upstairs office would have unusual characters that could not be reproduced by the keyboard on the calculator, doors that were closed would be open and doors that were open would be closed, dishes flying off the counter top, things being moved both in the house and basement. Most of these would normally happen overnight but some were during the day. None were considered fearful just mischievous.

Major equipment used: MEL meters, digital audio recorders, RT-EVP recorders, IR HD movie cameras, still cameras, Samsung DVR system with 6 IR Cameras, radios, spirit touch, temperature probes and Mag light for spirit communications.

We setup the DVR cameras in the upstairs front office, Main floor office area, Kitchen, Front office on the main floor, Basement south side and basement northside. The other equipment were used by various members of the team during the investigation.

First contact with spirit was in the south/east side of the basement by the entrance door. After several mag light indications we established that it was indeed Shirley. When we talked about toys her response was immediate and long lasting. We placed a ball and teddy bear on the floor close to the light hoping she would move them but she did not.

Then team wanted to see if we could get a positive or negative response from Shirley of her killer. As noted before Steve was suspected as committing the crime. We established contact again with Shirley and requested a response to the question Shirley do you know who Steven is ?" , response "yes", "did he hurt you", response "no", "did someone else hurt you", response "yes". No further conversations, possibly due to spirit tiring, which we see once in a while.

In the upstairs conference room team member Kristi had arranged some paper clips into a circle and when she checked the clips were in a pile. See the following picture, a picture was not taken of the pile.

DVR data, photos and movies have been quick look reviewed and a more in-depth real time review is now being conducted by the team members. Quick look did not find anything unusual.

Conclusion: Shirley was not harmed by Steven and further investigation will be required to get further information on her killer.

Initial contact with Shirley hit (play) Very large vifeo will take some time to load

Paper clips arranged in a circle, later they were found in a pile. They were placed in a circle again but were no changed the second time.

Second contact with Shirley to see if suspected killer Steven harmed her. Shirley indicated that he did not (hit play)