Site 516 Investigation (April 24-30 2012)

In early 2011 the team was invited to investigate a paranormalsite in Pennsylvania. The OUPT tried to schedule a fall trip, but was unable so the trip was re-scheduled for April 2012. The team consisted of 3 full, two part time and an independent researcher from NY state. We rented a U-Haul and took “all” of our equipment, not knowing what to expect.

April 24: 15:00 Arrival and survey of the site at 17:00 Bigfoot was sighted at Narrows Creek, found a footprint and cast.

April 25: 09:00 Recover footprint cast, investigate creek area for Bigfoot evidence. 12:00 Setup up DVR system in Campground/Pavilion area

April 26: 09:00 Discovered DVR recording of UFO on camera #5 at 2:23:53 hours. Mystery solved by J. Ritzmann 08/31/2013; spider web drifting in the wind.

April 26-27: Stopped DVR at 08:00 did a quick review with no unusual events recorded.

April 27: 12:00 moved DVR cameras from campground into house looking for paranormal and orbs. Setup two cameras looking over the burial ground and sky for paranormal and UFO search. Sky watch

April 27-28: Conducted interviews with locals and reviewed artifacts that both Dan and interviewees presented. Mostly arrow heads, some pottery and unusual items. Investigated a reported UFO landing in the ‘Ball Park’ area.

April 29: Discovered another large footprint in the creek below the campground and cast it. Tony (local) stopped by and said he had seen what looked like a footprint further up Narrows Creek, we cast a heel print due to deer tracks thru the ball and toe area, conducted a paranormal session and sky watch.

April 30: Tony picked up the heel cast, started reviewing video, conducted a paranormal session and packed up the equipment.

Power Points of Investigations 516 Investigation of Paranormal and ORB Activity in the Home 516 UFO Landing Investigation the Ball Park Narrows Creek Footprints Burial Ground Investigation  516 Campground UFO Investigation  516 Campground UFO 1/8 Speed April 26, 2012  516 Campground UFO Normal Speed April 26, 2012

Narrows Creek Footprint

Michael and Ken showing the footprint cast, Ken witnessed Bigfoot

Forensic artist Traci Harrell drawing of Ken Storch's Bigfoot sighiting at Narrows Creek, PA.

Various artifacts shown by the local residents

Dick and Ken Setting up the DVR cameras in the Campground/Pavillion area

Campground UFO, taken on camera #5 at 02:23:53 April 26, 2013 see YouTube

516 Archeological dig 1978 to 1994 on the property

Metal detectors found several large sheets of metal in the 516 dig area.