Sassin Building, Tulsa, OK.  (September 13, 2014)

This was an unusual investigation but a good one. Team member Roger had received a phone call from Jude a local Case Worker, asking if our next investigation could include one of her clients. Her client has some disability but is very interested with the paranormal. During the discussion Jude said that she thought that the building she works in is haunted.

Roger did a cursory investigation of the building, talked to the people in the office about what and where they felt something was not natural. The basement made they all feel a little uneasy. Roger then went through the building using the MEL meter and had some hot spots but had a solid reaction in the basement. Roger discussed it with the team and we all agreed an investigation was warranted and arrangements were made. Not all team members could not attend due to other commitments. Team members Marilyn, Roger and Dick were the investigators along with non-team members Jude, Jennifer and Stephen.

9/13/14 7:00PM: Team arrived and began setup. 4 wireless DVR cameras (1#) in the basement looking at the area where Roger had contact, (2#) upstairs rear office looking across the room at the desk and two large storage area doors, (3#) main floor reception desk area looking across the desk and looking into the jointing room also can see the fish tank, (4#) main floor Judeís office looking across her desk at the open door to the basement. Sony HD video/sound camera with IR was setup in the basement looking at the far wall in the area where Roger had previous MEL meter indications. Operations center in the large meeting room at the rear of the building, main floor.

After all the setup was complete we went outside and Roger conducted a cleansing prayer which we do before and after every investigation.

Dick went around the perimeter of the house with a MEL meter to see if any electro-magnetic interference was present, and then did the same in the basement area where the AC and heating equipment are located. No response was noted.

Equipment used: DVR system with 4-wireless cameras, 2-Sony Handycams HD with IR, 2-digital voice recorders for EVP, 3-MEL meters, 1-Tri-field, 1- Ovilus, 1-laser grid, 1-phantom light, 2-Mag lights and several flashlights.

8:30PM:  Each team member took a floor in the three story building and surveyed each room, closet and alcove for video, audio and electro-magnetic indications.

8:41PM:  While Roger was in Judeís office by the basement door his audio equipment went dead; he had just replaced the batteries.

8:52PM:  The basement had a reaction by MEL meter with indications in both MEL and REM modes in the same area that Roger has seen a few weeks ago. Video and audio did not indicate anything which is not unusual *.

* NOTE: We always find something new during each hunt that we have not seen before. We discovered that in a small area the MEL meters reacts to radio transmissions. It took a while to understand this was happening. It makes sense since the meters are made to react to any electromagnetic source.

Tested FM radio/MEL meter interference distance, found radio transmissions within 15 feet were detected.

9:00PM:  In the basement we conducted an EVP and video session with entity using the Mag flashlight, a technique the team has used often. We found that it was a male, his name is Ben, he lived in the house, had a wife and 2 children.

9:33:49 PM Something touched Rogers back. Later checking the DVR I can see Roger's reaction.

9:36PM Session one was stopped to let Ben build up his energy and everyone else to take a break.

11:30PM We started the next session to investigate Benís last name and wifeís name. Things were not working as well as the first session but we believe his last name is Brown and his wife could be Georgette, Georgia or Gloria. While we were in session Marilyn and Jude looked up historical data for the names. We just could not get the historical data to match up to what we were getting.  

12:13AM: Secured the investigation, packed up equipment and thanked Jude, Jennifer and Stephen for their great assistance and work they did to get permission to conduct the investigation.

Roger again conducted a cleansing prayer which completes our investigation.

Here are some videoís of the night.

Dick setting up equipment

Stephen, Roger making sure Dick isn't messing it up

First session getting name, push start arrow


Roger being touched on the back, push start arrow