December 28, 2016 - Investigation of Reported Large Animal Foot Print  - Ada, Oklahoma

Team members Dick, Marilyn and Mike conducted an investigation near Ada, OK. 

Mike and his son Tyler found a large four toed foot print on their property. 
It is in an area where they had conducted a burn pile a few weeks ago. 

The area has some ash and burnt wood but has been weathered by the elements. 
You do leave shoe foot prints in the area but they do not penetrate very deep.

We noted the Lat/Log, print points 66 degrees true, Elevation of 900ft. Weather was 
warm, light wind from the west, time was 11:30 hours. 

We used our Canon 50 and Sony Handycam for photos and movie of the casting 

Foot print measurements using the cast are 4 1/2" toe to heel and 4 1/8" between 
outside to outside toes. The ball of the foot is 2 3/8" heel is about 7/8" deep in the 

The two outside toes were deeper than the two middle toes. No claws are seen in 
the mold or in the footprint prior to casting probably due to weathering of the print 
as the exact time of the print can not be determined, suggest probably days not 

The print was starting to weather some. Although the ground is within a burn area
it is fairly compact. Since the print was fairly deep for being as compact as it was 
leads us to believe it would take a rather heavy animal to make it. 

Mike had looked before we arrived for more prints and we also looked none were
located. The way the print is pointing there should have been more prints but 
nothing was found. 

We are going to get the print to team members Bill and Julie May and see what they
come up with.

Suggest it might be a Coy Wolf (Coyote Wolf hybrid) needs more investigation.