Return to Site 516 Investigation (April 25-30 2013)

During our April 2012 investigation we tried to look at every phenomenon reported by Dan and Alice, local residents, other 516 investigators and documented photos and write ups on the 20 year Indian burial ground dig performed by Carnegie Mellon.

Team members that participated: Marilyn, Dick, Rob, and Roger

Our must do items were:

1. Setup the HCO wireless game camera in theapproximate location where Big Foot was sighted in 2012

2. Do a complete workup of the area where the campground UFO was videoed in 2012; determine if a portal might exist in that location, if anything could have come through, down or between the trees.

3. Conduct extensive search for paranormal activityusing EVP and IR camera in and outside the house, burial grounds, and camp grounds.

April 25, 2013: We arrived at 516 in the afternoon, weather was, sunny, no wind and mild temperatures, unlike our trip a year before when there was 2” of snow on the ground. Marilyn, Dick, Rob and Dan headed to Narrows Creek to search for evidence of any Big Foot activity. Marilyn and Dan searched from the top of the cliff where the creature was spotted by Ken in 2012. After no activity was seen; Rob and Dick headed to Narrows Creek and setup the wireless game camera in the location where the creature was seen in 2012. They baited the area in front of the camera; hung ribs, steak, spread honeysuckle and crawfish scent, and tested the camera to make sure we would get an e-mail picture on our iPhone . Then searched the area for footprints, hair and/or broken braches none were found and departed the area. Roger had stayed at the house conducting EVP and IR scans plus he organized our equipment in the basement area.

April 26, 2013: The area where the UFO was recorded in 2012 was re-investigated to determine if the objects size could be estimated and if there was any way other than just materializing from in back of and under the tree and flying toward the camera could be accomplished in just a matter of seconds.

Using the location of camera 5 (UFO camera location in 2012), several photos at different zoom and camera angles where taken. The team used 36” as an estimate of the UFO width and using a starting point from beneath the tree and walking forward toward the camera the conclusion is that the object was probably more 48” rather than 36” wide.

Different camera angles in the area in back and behind the tree were taken, it is determined that nothing could have flown down through all the adjoining trees, limbs and brush as the area is to tight for a maneuver that bottomed out at 12 to 24” above the ground in just seconds and then flew in a upward trajectory toward the camera.

Vortex location techniques using dowsing rods, although controversial, did locate two spots behind and adjacent to the tree with strong repeatable responses.

8 DVR cameras were setup in the campground area in locations similar to the 2012 investigation. Locations were selected hoping to get footage of a creature and/or UFO activity. We were better prepared this time with longer Cat6 cables that allowed us to get deeper in the creek and wood area. We have two new wireless DVR camera with sound; one was placed at the same location and view pointing at the UFO seen in 2012.

DVR was started for the night at 1844hrs.

April 27, 2013: Checked out the DVR system and found that the DVR had stopped for some reason at 2309. Must have been a generator problem but could not determine the cause, it had gas.

DVR system was restarted at 1831hrs.

Note: Examination of the April 26 DVR data did not reveal any noteworthy movement or video anomalies in the cameras field of view.

0900 hrs the game camera batteries were replaced and the camera was moved up stream about 400 yards, north/east into a small tributary of Narrows Creek that was deeper in the forested area.

1800hrs started staging our paranormal equipment at the north end of the burial grounds, to conduct an evening and night investigation for any paranormal activity. 1930 hrs. worked the burial ground with IR movie and night vision cameras,EVP recorders and singing bowls with no response. 2100 started our night watch for UFOs using our normal iGEN setup with no unusual activity. Clouds started to move in so secured for the night. Reviewing our videos we did find in a picture of our van, a light streak.

April 28, 2013: Stopped DVR recording at 0745hrs. and the team decided to move the DVR system up to the house, burial ground and alter area.

Note: Examination of the April 27-28 DVR data did not reveal any noteworthy movement or video anomalies in the cameras field of view.

0930hrs: the game camera was retrieved and moved to the small creek west of the pavilion campground (the bath tub area) along with the bait.

One of the locals brought up the Clearfield, PA. newspaper with a report of a Bigfoot street sign so after completing the DVR camera and game camera setup the team headed for Clearfield. We could not find the sign as someone had removed it. We stopped at Elloitt’s Park in Clearfield there is a statue of a Bigfoot and everyone had a chance to take pictures. The weather had turned bad, so we headed back for 516 stopping at “Over The Mountain, Restaurant” and discussed with the locals Bigfoot sightings in the area. Most had a story or two to tell.

That evening several EVP sessions were conducted in the house, but no activity.

 April 28-29, 2013: Rob had decided to spend the night in the campground pavilion. At 0300 hrs, Rob called Roger reporting that something had hit the side of the pavilion. Both Rob and Roger spent the rest of the night at the campground trying to determine what had happened. After sunrise the team investigated the area around the pavilion and campground for what had hit the side of the building and if any foot prints or any other evidence of something being in the area. The weather was still raining and with the amount of wet leaves on the ground it was difficult to determine anything. But we found a fresh mark on the west side of the pavilion outside wall and a large stick lying in the leaves.

Game Camera Video: The only game camera video in the campground creek area was of a crow trying to figure out how to get to the bait that was hanging from a small tree over the creek.

Review of the DVR video showed many orbs in the basement area, living room and guest bedroom similar to the 2012 visit. Burial ground and outside alter area video had no activity, mainly due to rain all evening.

Packing up: All video and audio recorded data were given a first look, all notes and maps reviewed and DVR video down loaded to thumb drives for preservation and later in-depth review. Van packed for an early departure in the morning for home.

April 30, 2013: Heading for home.

Review: This was a great trip to 516 and unlike 2012 we concentrated on specific areas that we wanted to investigate again. Although we did not get the exciting UFO or get to witness Bigfoot again this is truly the nature of this investigation business. The biggest plus of the trip was getting to see Alice and Dan again, these two people are such a pleasure to work with and just be around. They opened up their home to us for 5 days, cooked meals and took great care of all of us. I wish we lived closer because we know we could spend a month at 516 and still not see everything.

NOTE: June 22, 2013: A triangle shaped unidentified object was photographed by a photo journalist at 516. The UFO flew below the clouds which were very thick, due to rain earlier in the evening. The photo was taken from the fire pit area near the house and burial ground area. See photos at bottom of page.

Narrows Creek can be seen below the cliff, this is where creature was sighted April 24, 2012

Roger conducting EVP session, basement 516

Area above where the 2012 UFO would have had to come through to end up under the tree to the right

Marilyn estimating 2012 UFO length and  distance above the ground where it was initally sighted

Campground DVR setup, using 7 cabled DVR cameras and two wireless

Setting up at the burial ground, l-R Roger, Marilyn, Alice and Rob absent are Dan and Dick

At the burial ground this 2 second photo was taken of the OUPT van, ??

Alice on the burial ground using her singing bowl

Dick on the burial grounds using a MEL meter checking for electromagnetic field  (EMF) and Magnetic Anomaly Deviation

Clearfield, PA. newspaper story and photo

Rob, Roger and Marilyn admiring Bigfoot at Elloitt's Park - Clearfield, PA.

Restaurant bill board, stopped for dinner and discussions with locals about Bigfoot sightings

Pavilion outside wall that has marks from where something has hit it

Large stick found at the pavilion wall that was hit at 0300 this morning

Dick and Rob setting up game camera on Narrows Creek in the location where the creature was sighted in 2012

Relocated camera on a tributary of Narrows Creek

Campground creek game camera view, pavilion up the hill to the left

516 - June 2013 UFO original photo

516 - June 2013 UFO Zoomed 400% and enhanced