August 03, 2015 - Tulsa, OK. - Rentie Cemetery Investigated reports of Paranormal Activity.

On Monday night, August 3rd we conducted a very interesting investigation at one of the oldest cemeteries in Tulsa.  One with well over 125 years of history and paranormal activity.  Dick, Marilyn, Roger and Jennifer conducted the case at the old legendary "Sparky's Graveyard 2".  Rob (PhD) and Amanda, professional licensed counseling psychologists with a major clinic specializing in the subject of death, came as Roger's guests and to assist him.

At dusk, we surveyed the cemetery hotspots and graves that have shown consistent activity.  Several of the graves hold the remains of victims murdered during the1921 race riots.  The worst in U.S. history with over 2000 African American men, women and children
slain on Tulsa streets in one week.  Naturally the extremely violent, sudden and senseless deaths caused many spirits to become caught just beyond the veil instead of moving on into eternity.

Two of the owners of the cemetery were there and told us of several encounters they experienced.  One occurred as they were mowing and trimming.  Suddenly a large red dog began barking and snarling right behind her, appearing out of nowhere.  She yelled for her son and as he ran about 50 yards to her, the dog had vanished. - Another incident happened as an owner was leaving the cemetery in the early evening and said she felt someone watching her.  The hair on her neck and back of her head literally stood up as she felt a cold pringling sensation.  She quickly turned to look behind her, and saw a woman wearing a long dress about 100 feet away.  The apparition turned to the left and walked about 30 feet, and faded and misted away.  The witness said the ghost seemed to glide smoothly over the ground instead of taking actual steps. 

Marilyn, Dick and Jennifer used Mel Meters and constantly recorded EMF spikes, and smooth increases and decreases measuring from .01 baseline to 5.5, indicating the probability of a spirit being present and moving around us.  A lot of EMF variations happened over a particular grave, spiking up and down as I was conducting an EVP session.  The gentleman appeared to be responding as I asked him objective and true-false questions.

Rob and Amanda were using very sensitive digital recorders, as Jennifer used a Mel Meter, while Roger recorded video and audio with the IR night vision video cam.  We covered the entire cemetery for 1&1/2 hours.

The owners invited us back anytime, as we agreed that since this was the first investigation conducted in the cemetery, with all black inhabitants, and we were white, the folks there might interact more next time.  The case was very successful and we will go back. 


Dick checking the MEL Meter

Roger trying to communicate

235 + grave sites at the cemetery