Octagon Hall -Franklin, KY. (Sept. 6, 2012)

Several of the team made plans to attend the Bigfoot Conference in Morehead, KY. September 7, 2012 and also see if we could conduct a paranormal search of the famous Octagon Hall in Franklin, KY. Octagon Hall.

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We contacted Barry Gaunt, AKA the KY TruthSeeker, (as he is better known by many) who Is a full time Paranormal Researcher and Investigator, and Co-Founder of The Anomalies Research Center (TARC) to see if we could made arrangements to check it out. Barry arranged for the team to meet with Billy Byrd the manager of Octagon Hall the afternoon of September 6, 2012.

The team met with Billy, Barry and Steve Purcell (TARC researcher) at Octagon Hall and we were invited to conduct a paranormal session that night. Prior to leaving for dinner photos were taken in every inside room, outside of the hall building, various out buildings and grave yard for later study.

With Barry’s help we setup our DVR system using 6 IR cameras located at the slave cemetery, family cemetery, both second floor bedrooms, hospital room and winter kitchen where a seven year old child was burned to death in 1854. Setup the full spectrum camera in the family area and using our portable equipment of MEL meters, IR camcorders, tri-field, laser grid, EVPs recorders, and audio recording equipment started our research session.


Some history

The front door, yard and showing the design of the building

L to R: Marilyn, Steve Purcell and Barry Gaunt sitting in the main room first floor

Entrance hallway: Hallway leads into the center rooms, Roger is in a room with exhibits of Civil War, history of the house and the area.

Exhibit Room: Lots of Kentucky history of Civil War, the house and the area.

Upstars child room: This was connected by a stairway just to the left that went down into the Master Bedroom. Later years the stars were blocked off and a door to the hallway is just to the left. Interesting light phenomena

Basement Tack Room: Lots of tools of the era

Winter Kitchen: This is where Mary Elisabeth (1847-1854) dress caught fire and she burned to death. Mary is heard and seen from time to time.


Hospital Room: Interesting lens artifact above the solder

Frances Ellen Caldwell McElwain (1845-1930) Daughter of Andrew Caldwell & Elizabeth Akers and Sister of Mary Elizabeth (1847-1054)

Caldwell/McElwain Family Plot

Summer Kitchen: "Slaves were required to whistle when delivery the meals, as you can not whistle with food in your mouth (Octagon Hall)"

Slave Loom House where flax was loomed into blankets and such

Roger has setup in the Winter Kitchen trying to contact Mary. He has placed children toys in the room by the hearth. He is using his MEL meter, laser grid, spirit touch, IR camera, RT-EVP and IR lights. He saw no reactions from spirit on the instruments or on review of the DVR and handycam videos.