August 30, 2016 - Investigation of Reported Unusual Sightings - Ada, Oklahoma

Team members Bill and Julie were contacted by Mike and wanted to discuss some unusual sightings he had witnessed around his area and residence.

The three were members of the Oklahoma MUFON several years back.

Julie arranged the August 30 meeting with team members Marilyn, Dick, Bill, Julie and Mike.

Mike related 6 sightings:

1) Early 1990s

when he was with the 180th Infantry he witnessed a tear drop shaped object.

2)  February 13, 2015

Ada. OK - Witnessed a diamond shape object, round donut shaper, moving S to E, both had an orange glow, estimated 100 feet off the ground, no noise.

3) August 2015

Residence - Witnessed an Oblong box shaped, green and red, flew over the house to the west, size of a pickup truck, no noise or time loss

4)  2013

Residence - Dog was asleep in his son's room, something woke it up and it wanted out side, dog sniffs the area around/in the barn, a Fox with red eyes came out, stood up on is hind legs with long claws and started to walk toward the dog. Mike called the dog back and they both retreated into the house.

 NOTE: a  person living in the area told Mike they have also seen the creature.

5) No Date

Near Konawa Lake -  Witnessed 3 bright flashing lights moved east to west, might have been a satellite

6) No Date

Near Sincere Creek - Witnessed a red box moving through the trees, estimated height was tree top level

We convinced Mike to join our team.