Hudson Lake, OK. Investigation (Sept. 26, 2012)

OUPT Team member Ken Storch and his wife Helen requested that the team investigate an entity that Helen has heard and/or sensed several times in their home on Lake Hudson, OK.

Ken and Helen were in the process of building a new home, the exterior had been completed but interior work was not. Helen was installing floor tile in the kitchen area when she heard giggling, she was the only one in the house at the time. She asked who was there and heard what sounded like a male child again laughing. When Ken arrived home Helen related her experience. Helen did not feel threatened in anyway, nor was she apprehensive of the experience. She has felt the presence of the entity several times and wanted it checked out by the team.

September 26, 2012 the team arrived, unloaded our equipment and after dinner setup for the investigation. DVR IR cameras were setup in the kitchen, master bedroom, upstairs hallway and balcony, first floor porch and on the upstairs balcony showing a view of the lake to capture any night vision sighting, as several UFOs have been sighted in the area.

Ken related an unusual experience with an object being moved. He obviously knows the layout of his bedroom, but one night he got up to use the bathroom, did not turn on any lights and ran into and fell over the rocking chair. Neither Helen nor Ken had moved it from is normal out of the way place in the room. Somehow it had been moved directly in his path.

After hearing Kenís encounter with the rocking chair we decided our main focus and equipment setup would be the master bedroom, focusing on the chair and the child.

Equipment used: RT-EVP recorders, Digital Audio Recorder , Samsung DVR/IR Camera, Nightshot Camcorder, IR Video Camcorder, Canon D50, multiple MEL meters, Phantom Lights, Mag lights, Spirit Touch, laser grid, 2-way radios, Cherokee Spirit Mask and child toy ball.

The DVR and monitor were setup in the kitchen area with Helen and Marilyn monitoring the DVR cameras. Roger, Ken and Dick setup the master bedroom and began the session. Later that evening Roger, Helen and Marilyn conducted another session in the Master Bedroom with Dick and Ken monitoring the DVR.

Comment: The area in close vicinity to Ken and Helen has several what appear to be mounds (12). Could these be ancient burial mounds, as they do not appear to be natural disturbances of the earth? Ken and Helen do not want to disturb the mounds; they feel if these are burial mounds they were put there for a purpose and not to disturbed.

Also, what made this a real event was Roger since he is Cherokee and this is Cherokee land the child spirit was probably of that tribe. Roger conducted most of the sessions using the Cherokee dialect.

Unfortunately we were not able to communicate with the spirit child this night and review of the IR and normal video, EVP and audio data did not reveal any conclusive information. We plan to return at a later date and spend more time in both the home and earth mound area.

DVR camera looking across the kitchen and living room

Kitchen looking the other way, DRV camera to the left

Master bedroom: Roger, Helen and Marilyn take down equipment

Lake view with a bird taking off. Lights are across the lake.


Investigation setup completed and starting the first session with Roger, Dick and Ken. Ken relates his dog sensing something in the area of the rocking chair.

First session with Roger, Dick and Ken. Roger is attempting to make contact with the Indian Child's spirit by speaking Cherokee and using children toys that Native American children would have had: ball, marbles, teddy bear (substitute for doll), spirit mask (Booger Mask) and sacred crystal.

Second session: with Roger, Helen and Marilyn. Since Helen has heard the child several times, this was an opportunity to have her contact him in a more controlled environment. Roger speaks Cherokee and uses Native American children's toys to invite the spirit to communicate. This is a rather long but interesting session and a good learning tool on how to communicate with spirit.