Hudson Lake, OK. Investigation (Aug 4,2014)

Time: 2035 hrs. 

Date: 08-04-14

Location: Locust Grove Lake Hudson

Weather: clear visibility unlimited. slight breeze out of southwest.

Witnesses: myself and Helen

Occurrence: We were seated on the deck facing Lake Hudson. The half moon was up and I was looking at it with binoculars. A light appeared out of nowhere, directly below the moon. It was as if a switch was turned on and the light was there. The object was moving slowly from the south to the north and it passed directly over us. At first it was thought that it was a landing light on an aircraft but that was not the case. I was looking at it with the binoculars and there was no fuselage, no strobes or beacons to indicate an airplane. It was not a satellite as there was an airplane flying from east to west and the object past underneath this plane. We watch it until it pasted out of our sight continuing on a northern route. The altitude is an estimate but I would say several thousand feet and no more. The size was equivalent to a quarter and very bright. It appeared the light came from the object was not reflecting off the setting sun. No noise was heard. No other information at this time.....

Ken Storch