April 5, 2014  - Hudson Lake, OK. UFO and Paranormal Investigation

OUPT member Ken reported this event at the Plum Tree Estate, Salida Oklahoma.

Ken has been researching and attempting to positively identify several very large coyote type animals that attacked his dog. The large animals were so brazen that the attack took place in daylight with Ken in only a few feet away. He had found a road kill and hung it in a tree by his property, setup a game camera and hoped that the animals would return and he could get a good photo for identification.

Brandon and Taylor were visiting and decided to stake out the area around the road kill to hunt the animals. This is Kenís report on what happened:

 Location: Plum Tree Estate, Salida Oklahoma.

Date: 04-05-2014

Time: 2137hrs to 2216hrs.

Weather conditions: rain earlier in the day but clear skies no wind light breeze. temperature 52 no moon was up.

The witnesses are Taylor (26 yoa) and Brandon (35 yoa). They were in the woods to try and hunt coyotes. The witnesses state that they observed three bright lights in a large triangular configuration. It was traveling from the southwest to the northeast. The witnesses state that triangle stopped directly above them, hovered for a brief moment. It was at this moment that W-Taylor shined his led mag-light at the object. The craft sped up and they lost sight. It was when W-Taylor turned off the light that a bright bluish light engulfed them and the surrounding area of apprx. 30 feet in diameter.

The two witnesses contacted a third witness, JoJo. She went back to the area where the previous incident took place. She saw a light in the woods and took several pictures. In one fame you see two other subjects but no trees. (this area is very wooded, lots of trees). The subsequent frame you see trees and a large orange (basketball size) orb back in the woods.

No other incidents after the orb encounter.

This investigator has on several occasions attempted to duplicate the bright bluish light using led mag-light. It may have been bioluminescent. Have not been able to duplicate so other info at this time...

Investigation continues and photos are pending.


Just after seeing the triangle,  the camera was not able to capture the blueish grow on the trees

Photo of the bright light that came thru the woods at JOJO.

The light shpere zoomed 78%, and enhanced to show the tree branches. Bright sphere came through the trees as JOJO watched it.

Bright stripe seen in the sphere photo, checked and it is not a hazard stripe there is actually nothing on the tree