Kuwaiti Pyramid Investigation - Denver CO.

                                             As Reported to the Team:

Date: 041312

Witness: Brandon/Ryan

Witness Orsatti

Subject: Pyramids in the Kuwaiti Desert 

The following info comes through witness Brandon who interviewed witness Ryan.

I was contacted by W-Brandon who stated that he was in contact with W-Ryan who made the claim he saw a partial pyramid in the Kuwaiti desert while a member of a special force during Desert Storm. W-Brandon works for a security firm that guards stores belong to King Soopers. W-Brandon states he was contacted by store management that an individual was in the store acting in a strange manner and was wearing (turned out to be a bullet proof vest) strange clothing. W-Brandon contacted the Denver Police Dept and along with the officers made contact with that individual W-Ryan. W-Ryan told the police and W-Brandon that he was afraid for his life because of what he knew. W-Brandon was able to befriend W-Ryan. They both served in Iraq in the army during Desert Storm. W-Ryan told W-Brandon that he was part of Special Forces that had been sent out into the desert to set up refueling stations for armor divisions. W-Ryan states he was part of a 16 man squad. They had been dropped off out in the Kuwaiti Desert and soon as they tried to communicate their position it became apparent that none of their electronic equipment would operate correctly. They felt vibrations coming from underneath the sand and soon found what W-Ryan described as the tip of a pyramid protruding out of the sand. He tells W-Brandon that they were relieved from their location and advised to tell no one. W-Ryan states that before they left he took several pictures of the object and has gps coordinates of that location. W-Ryan states that several months later he was injured in a training accident and that he was not on board a c47 chopper when it went down killing all on board. His team was on that chopper. W-Ryan was discharged from the army as a result of his injuries. It is because of what he knows and has that W-Ryan is afraid for his life. W-Brandon states that W-Ryan lives on the street and is paranoid constantly on the move.

Add Info: W-Brandon states he saw W-Ryan's DD214 discharge and the maps showing the GPS coordinates of the object. I was in the middle of trying to convince W-Ryan to go public by coming on the radio with me. It was during this time that W-Ryan was found shot in an alley in Denver. He had been shot twice in the back of the head.

It should be noted that Judy Orsatti (board member of MUFON) had told me of an incident prior to any info from W-Ryan that a school mate of hers who was an archeologist was going to the Kuwaiti Desert on a government sponsored research project but that he could not say anymore This info came in 1999, both are now deceased. It is unknown if the two incidents are connected in any way but it does lend some credence to W-Ryan story.

Conclusion: I was able to confirm that a body was found in an alley by the Denver Police Dept and it was their opinion that it was a drug deal gone bad, the body had been shot some where else and dropped in this alley. I do believe there is enough indications that something happen in that Desert and that W-Ryan was afraid for his life because of what he knew. W-Orsatti stated that her friend was really excited about the project he was going on telling her that it was something an extraordinary project. There is another witness who wishes to remain unknown but was working as a private contractor for the Kuwaiti government and that while flying over the desert they had to detour because of a storm and that he saw what looked like an operation of unearthing something in the middle of nowhere. He states there was a lot of activity around a huge hole in the ground with a lot of earth moving equipment. This was 2001 when this info was relayed to me. I was contacted by a retired FBI agent in 2016 that the info on W-Ryan and some other intel was correct and that I should not talk about it. I had W-Brandon on the radio to discuss his dealing with W-Ryan and W-Brandon stated he was contacted by Denver PD and to leave the investigation of W-Ryan to them..At this time there is no additional info concerning this incident..