June 18, 2013 Paranormal Investigation Kiefer, Oklahoma.

Team members Roger and Ken investigated paranormal occurrences in a new home in Kiefer, OK. The homeowners reported unusual noises like banging, music, train sounds but they do not live close to any railroad, also pots and pans being moved or knock down when no one was present in the kitchen. One incidence was when the refrigerator door was opened a can of beer flew across the room. The wife had begun to experience dreams that turned into nightmares; one had her being shot in the head. Neither the wife nor the husband had ever had any paranormal experiences prior to moving into the new home. There are no pets in the home.

THE RING: Their daughter was playing with a neighbor girl when an elderly lady came up to them and gave them a ring. The mother became concerned with the ring an unknown giver and had the neighbor girl take the ring to her house. A few days later the mother found the ring on her daughter’s chest of drawers and was upset as she thought her daughter had taken it back from the neighbor girl. The daughter denied taking back the ring and had no idea how it could have ended up in her room. The mother contacted the neighbor and they said that they still had the ring. The team took the two rings as evidence (shown below).  The gem stone appears to be mother of pearl and the ring appears to be of an antique design, the rings are identical in design and material. They were analyzed foe any EMF using the MEL meter and no indication was detected.

A sweep of the home was conducted using the MEL meter and IR camera, with very little response on the MEL and nothing unusual on the IR camera. A paranormal session was conducted using a mag-light as the responder communication was established and it was determined that it was a 12 year old boy.

A cleansing of the home was conducted at the end of the paranormal session and we requested that if they needed any further help please contact us.

The rings are still in our possession in Norman, OK., it is a true paranormal mystery on what do they mean and how did they get where they were found. We will continue investigating them for any history.


Front view

Side view

Side view