June 24, 2016 -  Location Unknown

We received a letter from John M. Aron telling an astonishing event that happened to him in 2009 at highly secure US facility.

ďOn the way to a demonstration room for new technologies I realized I had to use the restroom.  I broke from the group and the young lady who was leading us stated that the restrooms were in the other direction at the end of the hall and that someone would be available to guide me back.  Regardless of my clearance they did not want me walking back on my own. Even though I had the clearance I did there were still active programs going on at the time and we were told not to be wandering around the facility without a guide at any time.  I went to the restroom and came out the door.  I looked around and did not see my escort.  I waited at the door expecting someone to show up at any time. 

Then a blacked out door opened at the end of the hall to my left.  A tall woman in military uniform stepped out, looked at me and said I needed to hurry they were getting ready to start. Thinking this was my group I went inside and she ushered me to the back of the room where I had to stand up since all the chairs had already been taken.  In front of me I saw a lot of men and women in suits and the room was deathly silent. At the front of the room I saw what looked to be an orb floating above a wooden desk. It was chrome in color and about the size of a baseball. I was excited to see that it looked as if we were going to be briefed on some type of new defense weapon or communications device.  However, just as I was trying to figure out how such a simple orb could be one of those two, it began to slowly spin, it began glowing and light came from the front of the orb and shown in a 360 degree pattern.  It put out a 3D star chart and what looked to be video files ready to be played.  I started to look around the room at the attendants.  They were not shocked, moving back from their chairs, or even squirming in their chairs.  Which brought me to the conclusion that they had obviously seen this before.  

Then what I saw I canít even explain.  It was the one time in my life that my mind went blank.  I was not thinking, I was not breathing, I was simply standing there watching in amazement as a small humanoid creature came in from one of the side doors at the front with an entourage of military personnel and armed men and women in suits and those little ear pieces sticking out of their ears.  The humanoid came to the front of the room near the ball and stood straight in front of it and began looking out around the crowd.  I was realizing that I was not supposed to be there.  It was a mistake.  It had to be the clearance on my lanyard and someone just assumed I was to be in this meeting.  I just kept saying in my mind "I'm not supposed to be here, I'm not supposed to be here."  But I also knew it was too late.  The light above my exit was red and if I opened that door, well then everyone would know I was not supposed to be there. 

The humanoid began to stare out into the audience and the audience began to shake their heads in acknowledgement. He or She was a blue grey color. He or She had dark black eyes, and looked to be about 4ft 5in from what I could gage from the table it was standing behind.  It had on a black one piece uniform with a patch on its right shoulder.  The patch looked to have a triangle with circles in the middle of the triangle extending out past the triangle to the end of the patch.  It was communicating obviously because the other personnel in the room were taking notes and frantically flipping through pages of documentation in their personal laptops.  Then I could hear what he was saying.  He was talking about the right time.  That the time had come and all preparations had been put in place from both sides to move forward.  Once the war in the Middle East was in its last steps and peace began to flow through the Middle East it would be time for the next phase. 

I saw a man in a Air Force military dress uniform up front raise his hand, however he didn't speak. But it did seem to hear what he was asking.  I could not hear the question but I did hear the response.  It said that the time frame for peace in the Middle East is completely dependent on the forces now engaged in the battle now.  It finished by saying that they will not interfere in any earth bound struggles for resources.  It then looked up to everyone in the room again and said that the Moren have their mission ready for operational execution.  Another hand went up and another question was asked that I could not hear.  It then stated that they will not be engaged in expediting any time frame. It said the Moren are ready and waiting on the earth coalition to finish their objectives. Until that is done the Disclosure Plan will not be engaged. 

A lot of the military personnel in the room began to look at each other with only what I could describe as extreme stress. It then moved to the sphere in the center of the room and lifted its hand. It began to spin and out over everyone in the room you saw what looked to be military movements and soldiers smiling and clapping. The soldiers had packed gear in the back of LMTV's and were sitting at an airport.  IT then looked to the group in the room and said that it was ending sooner than anyone thought. Those soldiers were headed home.  It showed equipment being loaded on C130's, it showed soldiers getting on troop carriers and all seemed to be joking around and having a good time.  They were going home.  A woman near the back, near me, raised her hand.  IT began to nod its head and said that their anticipated date on this time line was by the end of 2019. 

The room was quiet again. No hands going up.  My heart was beating out of my chest and I was sweating like I was standing under a shower.  Then IT looked straight at me.  IT stared at me.  People began turning in their chair, also looking at me.  IT asked me why I was here.  I just stared back.  I looked to see if anyone was reacting, standing up or moving towards me.  They were all still seated and by the looks on their face they did not seem alarmed. So I said, I was brought in by the woman standing next to me.  IT looked at the woman and then looked away and went back to the ORB.  I was in complete freak out mode now.  Paranoia was a complete understatement.  I was about to leave now. I didn't care about the alarm.  I had enough.  Then IT reached out to the sphere and it began to spin once again.  This time a star chart came up and then a topographical view of the earth only it was spread out into three sections where you could see the whole earth at once. IT began to point at locations on the earth.  As IT pointed a ship would appear where he pointed. This ship was a light chrome, circular, disk shaped and at least 3 miles wide.  He placed them over Moscow, US Capital, White House, The temple In Israel, The Vatican, London, Islamabad, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Berlin, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, and Seoul.  There were others but I could not make out exactly where they were.  But they were spread out all over the world including many islands out in the middle of the ocean I have never seen before.  The audience was nodding their heads in agreement. 

IT then said thank you for bringing together the future of earth and this galaxy, and with that the universe.  It is time for the awakening that the Moren had put in place many millennia ago. The light once again will flood the minds and souls of all mankind.  With that IT grabbed the sphere and simply walked out the way it had come in with its entourage following closely behind.  I just stood still.  Waiting for the guards to shuffle over and grab me by the arm and take me somewhere I would never be seen again.  But everyone just left out the door to the right, left, in front and behind the briefing room. Most already on their tablets and cell phones, nobody paid any attention to me. 

I simply moved out the door I came in and went straight back to the restroom. Needless to say I needed it for real this time.  I was in the stall for what seemed like a century of time.  I managed to come out, throw some water on my face and exit the rest room. 

There in front of me was the lady who had led us in the building when we first came in. She asked me if I was ready for the physical security briefing and I told her I was. I looked over my shoulder, no one was there. I looked at my watch. Here is the weird part. Only about 10 minutes had gone by according to my watch. I know for a fact I was in that room for the better part of 45 minutes. I followed her to the physical security training class. I took my seat and stared at the wall. I didn't hear a single word the guy giving the instruction had to say. I checked my watch again, still on the same time. I know that what I experienced was impossible. But it happened. It happened to me.

I have never shared this information with anyone. Not even my family.

I have seen the orbs ever since this incident has occurred. They stopped for the longest time. But they are back again. Itís just extremely weird. I quit the XXX not long after this incident.  Thank you for your time and consideration.Ē

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