Irvin Middle School, Norman, OK. (Oct. 10, 2012)

The team was invited to conduct a Ghost Hunt clinic for a group of students at the Irvin Middle School, in Norman, OK. We were invited by science teacher Danny Maddox. Twenty 6th grade students participated.

The OUPT consisted of Marilyn, Dick, Bill and Julie.

The area of interest was the Norman city sports annex that is attached to the north end of the school. Over the years there had been several paranormal sightings and various activities of objects being moved. The hot area is the girls restroom in the annex and also the woman’s rest room in the teacher lounge. Several women have reported seeing faces other than theirs in the mirrors. It had become such an issue that some will not use these rest rooms.

The team brought most of our equipment and each item was identified and use explained to the students. We then setup DVR cameras in the library, woman’s rest room in the teacher lounge, annex girls lavatory, annex basket ball court, basket ball court to annex office hallway.

The students were put in teams of 5, and each OUPT member took a team and let the students use some of the equipment, like MEL meter, EVP and full spectrum cameras. One student did not want to participate in the hunt, but he volunteered to sit at the DVR and monitor the cameras and stay in contact by radio to direct us if he saw anything unusual.

The students were so active that not much was seen prior to them leaving at 10:00PM. After the students departed several MEL meter indications were seen, one specific to the annex girls rest room. A mag light was setup to try to contact any entity activity, but no response was noted.

At closure of the hunt it was discovered, much to our surprise, that the DVR system was not set to record during the whole session. The OUPT had been troubleshooting a video distortion problem in one of the camera/cable and during that time the recording had been stopped and not restarted.

OUPT Director Marilyn and Senior Investigator Julie explaining the teams equipment to the students.