May 10, 2016 – Heavener, OK. Bigfoot investigation

The team was invited to conduct a Bigfoot investigation at an area off highway 214 on Tram Ridge Rd. in Le Flore county OK.

We met Doug and Joe at Poteau, OK. and discussed what they encountered at Joe’s cabin in Le Flore county a while back. While hunting they saw something large come out of an area and take off into the woods, they pursued it but was unable to keep up. Upon returning to where they saw it they came upon what looked like an animal bedding area, but with a couple of differences it was large, looked comfortable with leaves and branch material was under a tree and around large rocks. It did not appear to be a  deer or bear bedding down spot. That evening rocks starting hitting the roof of the cabin and howls and grunts were heard. The next morning they removed the rocks from the roof fearing the roof would cave in.

Doug and Joe took us to Joe’s cabin off tram Ridge rd. We arrived late afternoon, unloaded and setup the teams camping equipment, portable power source for our DVR system. Doug and Joe assisted us in setting up two IR DVR cameras at key locations on a well worn trail leading downhill west of the cabin and one IR DVR camera about 20 feet west of the cabin, looking north. We recorded DVR video from 8:00PM to 8:00AM.  

It was too late to venture the couple of miles to where they had seen the bedding area.

We had a campfire dinner with Doug and Joe, tried some howls and heard some but were very distant from us. About 10:00PM Doug and Joe departed, we checked that the DVR system was working properly and tried to settle in for the night. The weather was hot and humid and during the night the wind came up which was a welcome relief.  We had our dog with us and she did not stir and we did not hear anything out of the ordinary. The next morning Doug and Joe returned, had breakfast and we started breaking up camp as a storm was coming and we did not want to spend the next three days at a rainy campsite.

Doug and the team did venture down the west trail, found a rather fresh large Cat track in the mud along with several Wild Hog foot prints and Hog rubbings against several trees.

Reviewed the DVR recording of the three cameras and saw birds and other small animals of the forest. Hoped to see the big cat or a creature but did not.  Here are some photos.