UFO, Rune Stone Park, Heavener, OK. (Dec. 16, 2011)

Marilyn, Roger, Bob and Dick were invited by Ken to a 12/17/12 movie shoot by Ancient Aliens at Rune Stone Park located on Poteau Mountain near the small town of Heavener, Oklahoma. In 2011 the State turned the park over to the town of Heavener, and the town manages the park to this day.

Some Park and Rune Stone data can be found at .

We arrived at Heavener 12/16/12 and went up to the park. The Park is normally closed at dusk, we asked the Park Manager if we could sky watch that evening. She very graciously agreed and directed us to a large parking lot further up the mountain.

After dinner we arrived at the Park upper parking lot and setup our nightvision equipment, with video recorder and monitor and begain searching for any abonormalities in the north and east sky.

OUPT had a report a couple of weeks earlier from Talihina, OK. of unusual lights in the sky, including eratic movements. The reported lights were in the north east, in the direction of Heavener 26.7 miles away as the crow flys.

After a period of time without much sky activity we elected to observe the southern sky, scanning from east to west.

At 7:40PM we witnessed a bright light moving fast from east to west in our nightvision monitor. It happened so quickly we were unable to keep up with it. The video recording follows:

Heavener Rune Stone

UFO Normal Speed

UFO slow speed 0.125X

UFO Information - Sky: Mostly Clear, sighting 20 degrees EL, 207 Az Lat/Lon 34 degrees, 53' 51.25 N, 94 degrees, 34' 35.11 W, Star Fomalhaut was just to the east of the video


Park Manager and Marilyn.

Upper Parking Lot -Rune Stone Park.