January 22, 2015 - Investigated 4 questionable Google Earth Photos.

An unidentified person sent Ken these 4 photo's taken off of Google Earth. Dick investigated and found the digital image information was with the photos. Using the digital EXIF information I found the lat/long of all 4 photos.  Using the Google history function and lat/long info I was able to identify all 4 photos and explain what the anomaly's are.


Photo (last three numbers) 858 is at Barksdale, AFB. I found the original satellite photo which was taken January 2013, there was another pass in Feb 2013 that shows the same spot with a B52. Looking at the Jan photo with the wing tip showing and comparing it to the Feb photo wing it appears to be the same type aircraft.

Barksdale AFB Jan 2013

Barksdale AFB Jan 2013

Barksdale AFB Feb 2013

Photo (last three numbers) 840 is at Pope Field, NC. This photo looks like a data packet problem between the ground station and the Satellite which was later corrected. Since I do not have any data other than the photo I do not know when the original photo was taken. I found an April 2012 pass that shows a C130 in that lat/lon position. .

Pope Field date unkown but looks like a data pack error and was deleted from the system

Pope Field taken April 2012

Photo (last three numbers) 671 is at the north end of the Area 51 complex. I found the original photo is dated August 2011 but do not see anything unusual in the photo or other Google Earth passes except the first pass in 6/2002 which is so photo shopped that nothing is real in it. The pads are first seen in the 11/2006 pass of Area 51.

Area 51 August 2011

Area 51 August 2011 un-zoomed

Photo (last three numbers) 096 is at Kirkland, AFB which is part of the Albuquerque Sunport Airport. I found the original satellite photo which was taken Feb, 2009 and the current Sat photo shows Osprey aircraft. I found several pictures of the Chinook helo but none that show the blades folded it like in the photo, although it makes since that if you were going to park or ship the helo this is what you would do.

The Feb photo has a  large shadow, as the sun is low in the horizon that time of the year.

Kirkland, AFB Feb 2009 of a Chinook helo

Kirkland AFB Feb 2009

Kirkland, AFB Current photo