Duncan, OK. Investigation (March 23, 2015)

March 11, 2015 we received an email from Angela in Duncan, Oklahoma; this is her description of what her husband saw on March 8, 2015.  

 “This past Sunday evening, at dusk at about 6:45 p.m. he was coming home, driving west down (he believes it's) old Highway 9 when he said all of a sudden, in front of him on the right  side of the road, a large, spherical shaped, transparent black object appeared out from behind a grove of small trees on the fence line and moved at a diagonal angle in front of him.  Right before it reached him, it crossed the road on the left side of his truck.  He turned to try and get another look at it but it was gone.  It was fast, moving about 150 MPH.  It was a pretty calm day here when this happened so there is no way something blew across the road in front of him, fast or slow for that matter.  Like most people do, he immediately wondered if his eyes were just playing a trick on him.  I started asking him questions and he was able to offer answers and describe this event rather well so as far as I'm concerned, his "trick of the eye" explanation holds no water with me.”  

 I asked him, are you sure it wasn't a solid object? He said, no it wasn't solid. The outer edge was fuzzy and even though the center was black, he could still see through it.   I asked him, did it appear to emit any sort of light?  He said no it didn't.   I asked him, did it appear to be on the road in front of you?  He said no, it was above the surface of the road about 2 or 3 feet.  Then I asked him, what size do you think it was, compared to your vehicle (which is a Ford E150 van)?  He estimated that it was about half the width of his vehicle.  So, that's about 4 feet wide.”

“Anyway, this was sort of a UFO.  It is unidentified and it was (technically speaking) flying but it was also "above the normal", paranormal.  It wasn't an "orb" because it didn't emit light and the edges weren't well defined so it wasn't that.  There were no storms so no one can just write it off as ball lighting.  Hello, ball lightning is not black!  Besides, my husband has seen ball lighting on two different occasions in his life so he knows what that looks like and this object.....wasn't that.”

March 23, 2015 part of the team (Dick, Marilyn, Roger, Bill and Julie) met Joe (the witness) in Duncan, OK. 

Joe said he wasn’t for sure exactly where he witnessed the event so needed to retrace his route as he was heading west when he saw the object. We followed Joe east out of Duncan on old highway 7 to Duncan Lake Rd, turned around and followed Joe west as he did when he saw the object and he spotted the sight. The location is 34 degrees 29’ 34” N and 97 degrees, 50’, 12” W. By goggle earth 7.5 miles east of the Hwy 81 and Hwy 7 interchange at Duncan and 1.67 miles west of Duncan Lake Rd.  The area investigated is on the north side of the road since the object moved from the north/west through the fence between two trees and headed south/east.

Since the object was moving very fast and Joe was surprised, he didn’t remember if it went through the trees or between the trees. The two trees are about 110 feet apart and 20 feet north of the road between the road and a barbed wire fence.

With these types of investigations and unknowns our protocol is to check for radiation first to both protect ourselves and any indications of UFO landing or craft proximity to trees, grass, etc. The sweep included the road, ditch, weed line, fence and two trees. The sweep was approximately 40 foot wide and 120 foot long from the edge of the road to the barbed wire fence all on the north side of the road. We found only normal background radiation and proceeded.

Using our MEL meter, Trifield, digital cameras, tape measure, flags, clip board and detailed observation of the terrain and ground for anything unusual we conducted a modified grid working between the two trees and the road, going west then east and then moving the grid north and repeating the sweep.

Indications: Roger had a 3.0 reading on his MEL meter about half way between the two trees. Bill and Dick measured the location and it was 56 feet from the eastern tree and 54 feet from the western tree and 15 feet from the north side of the road. We saw there is a phone line cable at the fence line which is 40 feet north of the road and checking this area with the MEL meter produced nothing.

Roger again had MEL meter REM indications at the western tree; he was about 8 feet from the east side of the trunk of the tree among some overhanging branches. Marilyn used the Trifield meter in the same location had a magnetic reading of .3  

We checked the tree earlier for radiation and had nothing above background.

Some notes while talking to Joe;

Joe: the thing was translucent, not solid, not circular but not round more of a sphere shape, had a grainy effect was 2 ft. off the ground when it crossed on the highway just in front of his truck grill, appeared to have come through the fence, was not like a shadow, it was dusk sun behind the hills 6:30-7 PM, disappeared into the tree line in the field across the road and went S/W  came from the N/W, estimated the speed at 150MPH, he said he uses this road 5/6 times a month.

Conclusion:  We do not have much to conclude other than since we had no radiation indications of a possible landing or craft touching/ plasma in the trees we are leaning more toward paranormal due to the two MEL meter indications an one Trifield meter reading. The team agreed that this is a great candidate to come out with our paranormal equipment and setup in the evening and monitor the area. We put it on the list.

It was great to actually have Joe there with us, he was straight forward very articulate and answered any questions we asked of him. Joe retired from the aerospace industry so he knows what exists out there and this was nothing like he had ever seen.    

It was great to actually have Joe there with us, he was straight forward very articulate and answered any questions we asked of him. Joe retired from the aerospace industry so he knows what exists out there and this was nothing like he had ever seen.    

Artist redition of reported object.


OUPT conducting the investigation

Joe (witness) , team members Bill and Julie    
Marilyn using trifield meter    
Roger with MEL meter and Julie taking notes (the hardest job of all)    
Flags where EMF readings were indicated -looking west    
Field south of the road where the object went at estimated 150 MPH after crossing the road