September 7, 2016 - Ghost Hunt-Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Three of our members from the OK UFO Paranormal Team arranged to investigate the Crescent hotel on September 7, 2016.  It is nationally known for unusual paranormal events.

We arrived late morning and immediately started taking photos. 

During this time we were able to photo a young ghost boy and older ghost man by the hot tub located in the back of the Crescent.

After taking numerous photos and investigating the entire property we checked into our room #305.  We set up several trigger objects in the room.

We continued our investigation later on in the evening using our equipment which included: voice recorder, dowsing rods, EMF recorder, Flir, camera.

During this time  we did get numerous hits on the EMF recorders and dowsing rods.  We did not get any voice recording during the investigation. 

After returning to our room we checked the trigger objects but nothing seemed out of place.

We then went on the Crescent ghost tour which we highly recommend.  The tour is very informative and the guide continually points hot spots and gives background information.  After the tour we continued to investigate the morgue and the surrounding area.  We took over four hundred photos and believe that we have several ghost images.

After returning to the room for the night one of our investigators felt something stroking his head but nothing visible.

We as a Paranormal team feel that this location is truly haunted and team members plan to continue our investigations at the Crescent hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Images of a child and man, but saw nothing with the naked eye.

The guide on the ghost hunt tour suggested to take a picture into a mirror, this is what came out.

zoomed hallway image, what is it?

Unusual stain on only a couple of windows, saw not reason for the stain to be there

Upper right in photo are they eyes or lens flairs from the bright lights?