June 4, 2016 Contact in the Desert UFO Video, Joshua Tree, CA.

June 4, 2016: At approximately 9:40 PM PDT a group of 6 to 8 unidentified aircraft were observed at 34 degrees, 8 minutes, 18.05 seconds north, 116 degrees, 21 minutes, 35.32 seconds west. They flew from the North West to the East heading toward Twenty-Nine Palms area at an estimated altitude of 600 feet and estimated distance of 1000 feet from us.

Video was taken using our IGEN NV20/20 Night Vision at 7FPS with a NTSC output to both a Sony Digital Handycam Model DCR-TRV27 (video input and recorder) and Sony model DVP-FX930 portable CD/DVD player with a video-in port (as a monitor). Much to our dismay we used a new SIRUI light weight tripod and had camera control issues all night including the sighting. our Manfrotto tripod was to heavy and big to take on an airplane but will bring it next time.

We did not hear any noise, except by the group up the hill from us was very loud.

The team has investigated many UFO sightings over the years but this one was special:

  • We observed it first with the naked eye, then Dick re-positioned and monitored the IGEN and Marilyn continued to observe the objects
  • No noise
  • Each craft had a visible light but only one was FAA regulation. We observed blue and green (green would be correct from the starboard wing tip), but red and yellow were also reported on this sighting by Coast to Coast with Jimmy Church last night (6/11/16)
  • We used a SIRUI instead of our heavy Manfrotto (too big for the trip) tripod which was not very useful trying to follow the objects smoothly 

The Teams current supposition is that these were truly unidentifiable craft but are they ours or thiers?

The investigation is not complete we are still gathering more data and will continue to review the 120 minutes of Night Vision video we took at this site.


Some trivia:

The Twenty Nine Palms Strategic Expeditionary Landing Field is 16.6 miles as the crow flies at 48 degrees AZ from our location. We did watch the last UFO until it was out of sight, it did not turn to the north to line up to the field, it continued due east. Google Earth shows 8 Helos, 7 training aircraft and 8 fighters on the 3/9/2013 pass, next pass was 1/2/15 and no aircraft are seen but day after New Years at the Twenty Nine Palms MARINE airfield.