January 14, 2014 - Buford, GA. Paranormal John Bowman House.

While visiting family in Buford, GA. we investigated an old building that was built by John Bowman in 1818 on what was then Cherokee Indian land. John was born in 1798 in North Carolina. At the age of 16 he volunteered as courier for General Andrew Jackson and fought with him in the War of 1812 and Seminole Indian War.

On his return in 1818, John stopped to rest and while in the area visited his fatherís friend Cherokee Chief Major Ridge. The Chief asked John to stay and out of friendship to his father, gave John 2,700 acres of land. Four Indian braves and John built the log building.

John was one of the first white settlers in the Buford area. John later purchased 5,700 acres and it became the largest independent plantation in Gwinnet and Hall counties.

During the 1820 land lottery, General Jackson spent several nights in the log home.

Learning herb medicine from the Indians, he grew herbs and compound medicines and treated the tenant farmers and the local population. He was known as Dr. John Bowman.

Dr. Bowman served under Zachery Taylor in the War of Mexico, in 1846-47

John and his first wife had eight children, Mary died in 1892. He later married Polly who was a civil war widow and fathered three sons in that union.

John died in 1890, at the age of 92.

The style of the home is Plantation Plain; it is a two story and 18 X 28 ft. 6 inches with two verandas on the front and porch in the back.

1/13/14: We had not planned to do any investigations so brought no investigative equipment with us. The house so interested us that we just had to try to see if we could get some communication. Using a small led and incandescent penlight attempted to establish communication on the front porch railing and rear porch wooden box but with little success the penlights were to small and only flickered slightly which was hard to interpret and the temperature being below 40 degrees and a brisk wind we stopped for the night.

1/14/14:  Purchased a small MAG light to use as a communication device. This is what we have successfully used for many paranormal investigations.

We tried the front porch railing again with no contact. We went to the back porch, placed the light on a box against the back wall, about mid-way of the porch. After several attempts communication was established and the spirit responded to the name of John and Bowman. We asked several questions to verify the entity identity using historical accounts of Dr. John Bowman. All responses were positive including some humorous ones. We asked Dr. John about his children, first asking if he had three with no response, then asked if he had 11 and the response was instantaneous. We asked if his first wife, Mary was with him, with no response but when we asked about Polly again the response was instantaneous. Excerpts from our video of the session are included below. It was a great session and could have gone longer but the weather was turning bad and very cold.


Front and south side of home

Back and north side of the home. The box on the porch is where the mag light was placed. We stood just to the right of the steps.

Back of home.Scrabble letters were also used but no results were seen

Communication with Dr. John (hit play-large file wait)