August 25, 2015 - Bralley Cemetary, Near Seymor, Missouri Paranormal Activity.

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015, the Oklahoma UFO Paranormal Team began it's investigation of Bralley Cemetery near Seymor, Missouri, near Springfield. The historical place of rest only has approximately 40 graves, at least 15 of which are Civil War soldiers from the Union and Confederate armies.  With many graves predating the Civil War.

The Team on this case consisted of Roger, Ken, George and Patti, and Doug and Christi.   Upon arrival and unloading equipment we first had our prayer of protection to protect us against any demonic or dark energy that may try to hamper us.  We then walked through the cemetery slowly and respectfully as the sun began to set, examining the various markers and headstones, noting dates, names, and any personal information that may have been included.

All Team personnel were using MelMeters and recorders.  The Spirit Touch was placed on a head stone in hopes an entity would activate it.  And, we used the Ovulus and listened to various words being spoken through it, most of which had direct relationship to the cemetery and surroundings: including "foliage", "lay", "country", "trees", etc.

Roger IR videoed for over an hour and walked the entire graveyard.  Finally, I began feeling a draw to a certain marker.  It didn't have any information on it and appeared to resemble a very old shard of stone protruding about two feet tall.  Our MelMeters consistently held about a 0.01-0.02 base line, with gradual increases and sudden spikes to as high as 5.0 - 7.0.

Roger started an evp session at the unusual marker and immediately my MelMeter began to respond to as high as 3.0 as I was asking questions. The others saw what was starting to occur so Patti immediately came and participated, also.  I placed a Mag Light on the marker and continued the "interview techniques".  At once spirit turned the light on and immediately turned it off when asked as it answered our various true-false, yes-no, objective questions.  We finally determined the spirit's name was James Brailly, and he passed away from a serious illness when he was eight years old.  The only one in his family to die that way.  The longer he answered questions, the more he played with the light, and seemed very comfortable and friendly.  Note:  Each time he turned on the light, Ken's MelMeter would spike up and down to 5.0-7.0.  The interesting thing also was that Ken was about 30 feet behind us.  Interesting.

After visiting with James for over 45 minutes he seemed to be starting to slow down a little and Patti suggested his energy was probably depleting.  We offered him more energy from our extra equipment and batteries, even from us personally, but he did not accept.  We concluded the session, wishing him well and in perfect peace and rest.  And, we would try to return one day (or night...)

We concluded the investigation, packed the gear, and had our prayer of cleansing.  It was a beautiful night and we felt very welcome there, and plan to return.