December 17, 2014 - Bigfoot Hutch ? - Mays County, OK.

Team member Ken was hunting in Mays County off Deer Bob Road near Spring Creek. He came upon this un-natural structure. Un-natural because the trees were bent over to the ground and branches interlocked together, which mother nature does not do very well.

Ken, said the structure is over 12 foot across, large enough for a large man to lay in with room to spare. It appears to be abandon and in need of repair.

Although we do not know who built it or what used it, we have seen in several articles and photos of such structures related to Bigfoot.

An interesting and unusual find; Ken was going to return but the Oklahoma weather and work has not allowed him to return. When the team does we will be prepared to photo, make measurements and carefully search the area for other disturbances, maybe even a foot print.

Large not natural shelter