May 7, 2014 - Battle of Bigfoot and The Buck - Mays County, OK.

Team member Ken had an exciting experience the other morning. His wife Helen bought a plywood cutout of Bigfoot and set in the woods close to the house.  Early in the morning of 5/7/17 the entire household was woke up hearing a loud snorting sound. When Ken looked out in the yard he saw a buck appearing to be challenging the Bigfoot cut out.  The buck continued to snort and paw the ground up. Their dogs went crazy over the battle of the Bigfoot and the big buck. Here are some photos of the Bigfoot Cutout and places in the gravel where the buck pawed up the ground.

After discussing Ken's observation of the buck reacting like it did to the Bigfoot cutout, was the bucks reaction from :

  • Known previous encounter ?
  • Fear?
  • Unknown?
  • Territory challenge?

Team thinks the buck's reaction is it must have encountered Bigfoot before.

Buck Deer Hoof Print

Buck Deer Hoof Print

Bigfoot Cutout