November 16, 2013 Reported UFO near Ardmore, OKlahoma

OUPT received a incident report on 11/16/2013 asking if anyone had seen a UFO around Ardmore, OK.  in the last few weeks?

11/16/13: We answered the e-mail reporting back that the team had not had any reports from that area.

11/17/13: A telephone interview was conducted by Marilyn with the observer. He reported that on November 8, around 6:30PM he was driving on highway 199 between Ardmore and Dickson and saw a brilliant light heading east, it was  low in the sky below a heavy cloud layer. The light from the object was so bright it was reflecting off the clouds above the object. He was finally able to pull over and while trying to get his camera out and ready to take a photo the bright light made a hard right turn and zoomed off to the south. The light was a single light, very bright and appeared it might be flashing or strobing. No navigation or strobe location lights normally on aircraft were seen.

Great report, thanks