January 11, 2017 - 1995 UFO Escort Report - Yuma Proving Grounds AZ. to Fort Bliss, TX.

January 11, 2017 Ė Moore, OK. 
Team members Marilyn, Dick and Mike were invited to discuss an UFO event that a 
witness experienced in 1995 while moving a very important piece of equipment 
from Yuma Proving Grounds to Fort Bliss, TX. The witness was a driver of a flat
bed truck loaded with equipment covered and tightly secured to the truck bed. 
It looked like a lot of covered loads we see every day on the road. The exception
was three armed men were required to accompany this load, one man in the cab
with me and the other two followed in an automobile. We were required to depart
at 1900 hours and drive through the night.
About 30 miles east of Benson, AZ. The armed man with me in the cab noticed
lights in the southern sky (right side) that appeared to be pacing us. I could not 
see it initially. After a few minutes the object seemed to be approaching us, I 
initially thought it was an airplane. It then disappeared and reappeared to our 
left (north) side.
We could see it a little clearer and it appeared to be a saucer shaped craft, itís 
running lights cast an orange glow to it. It flew erratically (up and down) and kept 
pace with us behind, over and each side for approximately 200 miles (3 hours). 
I was too busy driving to watch it but the men that accompanied me kept track of it. 
They said it changed colors occasionally Orange, Red, Yellow but mostly had an
orange glow. 
When we arrived at our destination, we reported what we saw, were then
interviewed by I donít know who and we were told we could not discuss
anything about the trip. 
The incident was 22 years ago; I do not believe discussing now would be an issue.

Drawing; Size of load and tarp configuration looking toward the front of flat bed

Route and location of sighting